How to Build a Wardrobe Within Your Budget?


It’s not easy being a woman in this day and age if it ever was. You have to graduate, land a job, and compete for a living in a male-dominated world. AND you have to look good while doing it.

Of course, filling your wardrobe with options like buying premium eastern women wear can get pricey. Especially for a woman just about to start her adult life. Luckily, this blog can help you create a wardrobe while staying within your budget.

Building a Budget Wardrobe

When I interviewed for my first job, fresh out of college, I had literally one suitable outfit to wear. Most of my college-girl clothes just wouldn’t cut it in a business interview. So I had to spend money to buy new outfits. Over time, I stocked a fairly decent wardrobe, although I wish I had these tips to help me so didn’t spend as much as I did doing it:

  1. No Shame in Borrowing or Trading
  2. Spend Sparingly On New Clothes
  3. Make an Essential Wardrobe
  4. Treat Yourself to Classic Items
  5. Always Be on the Lookout

Let’s examine these 5 tips in more detail below.

No Shame in Borrowing or Trading

Sometimes, there is no need to spend money on buying an article of clothing. Especially when you can borrow it from a friend or sibling. Usually, this is free and gives you an idea of what looks good without having to commit to buying it. Now might be a good time to get in touch with the people you know who are your size. Borrow a pair of pants or a top for that important meeting, then return it. Nobody would be the wiser.

To go a step further, you can start swapping clothes with your friends. Next time there is a party, ask everyone to bring one article of clothing they don’t wear anymore. Everyone goes home with something.

Spend Sparingly on New Clothes

One of the biggest mistakes I made building my wardrobe was spending too much too fast. Of course, it is only natural to think you need an entirely new wardrobe because you aren’t a college student anymore. But you don’t have to buy everything all at once. Take your time when you’re sticking your wardrobe and don’t rush into expensive purchases. A good practice is to make a list of the essential items you need and take it from there.

Make an Essential Wardrobe

An essential or capsule wardrobe is one of the best ways to look good on a budget. For one thing, it helps you get rid of unwanted clutter in your wardrobe. For another, you can start focusing on the items that you prefer to wear now. Your staple capsule wardrobe should contain at least:

  • A large structured handbag.
  • A pair of black pumps.
  • A white blouse.
  • A black suit you can wear as separates.

What you want to do is get new items that you can mix and match with the ones you already have. Choosing neutral shades with your essentials helps with this. That way, you can flesh out a thin wardrobe considerably.

Treat Yourself to Classic Items

Of course, you don’t have to be a total cheapskate when building a budget wardrobe. But the trick is to be discerning when you splurge. Instead of opting for in-season, uber-trendy outfits, invest in a classic timeless piece. You should primarily focus on items that you wear on the top of your body. People spend nearly two-thirds of the time looking you by focusing on the upper third of your body. That means you should splurge on pieces that are likely to get the most attention.

Always Be on the Lookout

This final tip might seem like nothing new, but it is still important to mention. You should always be on the lookout for a great deal on clothing. There are several smartphone apps that allow you to find decent clothes, whether preloved or new, at great prices. Certain browser extensions also offer you discounts on clothing items you shop for. I picked up a great deal on embroidered wallets that way. And of course, keep an eye open for any roadside signs talking about sales and discounts. It always pays to catch a good deal early, so keep your eyes open.