How to Connect Your Playstation to The Internet?

Play Station to The Internet
Play Station to The Internet

Online gaming is extremely popular across all ages. Women, Men, and, especially, kids find it enchanting to play online games. It gives them a wholesome real-time experience. Play station store has outclassed all formats of video games. It has 110 million registered users around the world. Therefore, it has a net worth of $37.45 billion. 

Well, getting your play station connected to the internet is the first step of playing online games. 

Are You Having Difficulty Connecting Your Play Station to The Internet?

We are here for your assistance. 

To connect Play Station to the internet, you initially need to have the following things:

1- Network adapter

2- Modem/ DSL Router

3- Internet package

4- Play station memory card

Connect Your PS2 To The Internet:

If you have an older version of PS2, then you may need to purchase a network adapter extension. It is plugged into the back of the system. But if you have a newer version of PS2, then you just need to plug the cable into its Ethernet port. 

Pro tip: PS2 does not get compatible with modern HD TV. Get a PS2 Video cable to convert to HDMI, this will make your experience worth it. 

Follow these steps one by one to set internet to your Play Store:

1- Turn off your PS2. 

2- Get the expansion bay off the PS2. This expansion bay is at the back of your ps2.

3- Put the network adapter into the port of PS2.

4- Fix the adapter properly by tightening it with screws.

5- Insert the Play station2 memory card into the port. 

6- Turn your PS2 on, again. 

7- Plugin your Ethernet connection

8- Put the adapter’s startup disk and make the settings.

9- Take off the disk and you are on.

Connect Your PS3 To The Internet:

Getting a PS3 connected to the internet is pretty easy. The system is Wi-Fi enabled, you just need to turn the settings on.

The steps for connecting it to a network are:

1- Turn on the PS3

2- Select internet connection and hit “Enabled”.

3- Go to internet connection settings and press the button ‘x’.

4- Choose the easy option and press ‘x’

5- Choose wireless and press ‘x’

6- Enter your Service Set Identifier(SSID) and press ‘x’

7- Enter Security Key Information and press ‘x’

8- You are done you can use the internet right away. If the attempt fails, shut your PS3 off and it another try. 

Connect Your PS4 to the Internet:

The options in PS4 are a bit similar to PS3. Follow these steps to connect your ps4 to the internet.

1- Go to the settings and press ‘x’

2- Select ‘connect to the internet’ 

3- Choose ‘Set up Internet connection’

4- Click the ‘Use Wi-Fi’ option.

5- Then select the ‘Easy option’

6- Choose the network and enter the security key information.

7- Kudos!! You are all set to go.