Know How to Convert OLK to PST With Data Integrity

Olk to PSt

Brief Information About the OLK and PST Files


  • The OLK is a file extension of the Outlook for Mac application that is recognized as the Outlook Address Book and contains contact information of organizations and individuals.
  • It is developed by Microsoft
  • OLK is used to store contact, email address and other data for data management.
  • All files are saved in the backend in the OLK file format.


• PST stands for Personal Storage Table
• PST is used in the Outlook for Windows application to store email, calendar, contacts and other things in online mode.
• By default, all emails in Windows Outlook are saved as PST file format.

Need to Convert OLK to PST

OLK files are the backend database files managed by Outlook for Mac. This means that this OLK file will not be opened and accessed in Outlook for Windows. Here comes a need when you wants to open their Outlook MAC emails and contact in Outlook for Window. You cannot access it directly due to the different file format. The user has to use the tool to convert OLK to PST.

In today’s environment, Mac Outlook users are less likely than Windows Outlook users because Outlook windows offer more features compared to Macs Outlook application. We all know that Outlook is often used in Windows for Business. Generally, business work is done in Windows, not Mac.

This is where the user stuck on how to convert OLK to PST file format. When faced with the same problem. Do not worry. We are going to share a perfect and instant solution to convert OLK files to PST file format.

An Instant Solution to Convert OLK to PST File Format

In the brief introduction above, we saw a different file format and no manual solution to import OLK files into Outlook. There is only one way to convert OLK to PST format using the DataHelp OLK to PST tool.
With this utility, the user can easily convert OLK to PST, MBOX, HTML and other formats with no data loss. Just follow the steps below to convert OLK to PST.

Steps to Convert OLK to PST

Step 1: Download and install DataHelp OLK to the PST software.
Step 2: Click on the Add File option.

Step 3: Select the path of the OLK file / folder and click the Add button.

olk TO PST

Step 4: Preview the selected OLK file.

Step 5: Select the PST radio button and choose the destination where you want to save your OLK to PST converted files.OLK TO PST CONVERTER

It is finished. You’re all / Selected OLK file will be converted to PST file format. Now you can import the PST file into Outlook using the import / export functions in the Outlook for Windows application.

Spotlight Features of the Software

1. Free from all types of viruses – Software is completely free from all types of viruses.
2. Ease of Use – If users do not have a technical background, use this tool as it is easy to use.
3. Compatibility – This tool is compatible with all Outlook for Mac and Windows versions
4. Selective Emails – this tool provides a filter option to select emails that users with TO and FROM OLK want to convert to PST
5. Name Conversion – Without the tool, the user cannot convert the file name, only the tool can do it
6. Supports Multiple File Formats – With the help of this utility, the user can convert the OLK file to other multiple file format. Like PST, EML, MBOX, PDF, and MSG
7. 0% Data Loss – This utility ensures that no data is lost during the conversion.

Author Suggestion

Here in this article we have shared a solution of expert recommendations on how to convert OLK to PST. With the help of OLK to PST converter, you can easily convert OLK file to PST file format with data integrity and no data loss. Follow the simple steps above to convert the OLK file to PST file format.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. How long it takes the tool to convert the bulk OLK file to the PST file format?

A. It only takes a few seconds to convert the OLK file to PST file format.

Q. Will this software work in the system without Outlook installed?

A. Yes, the software works perfectly without Outlook installation

Q. How to convert an OLK file to EML, MBOX, PDF, and HTML?

A. You can use this tool to convert the OLK file to another file format.

Q. Can this tool migrate the OLK file to Office 365?

A. Yes, this utility has the ability to migrate the OLK file to Office 365.