How to Delete Mail Storage on Mac Catalina

delete mail storage on mac catalina

ScoopArticle | In the event that you are Apple Mail Mac client and you are confronting a storage issue and searching for an approach to delete Mail storage on Mac Catalina. The emails and attachments may crash your storage after some time. Furthermore, later you may see that Mail storage develops and take your extra storage. In this way, how to eliminate messages to recover the mail stockpiling. At that point, this blog will assist you with deleting all emails from Apple Mail account.

Subsequently, in this blog, we will examine the manual and one simple and automated method to delete email messages from Apple Mail on Mac.

Manual Method to Delete Emails from iCloud Mail

Through manual strategy one can without much of an effort can delete single email on Mac. In any case, in the event that it needs to erase various messages from Apple Mail account, it is highly unlikely to erase multiple emails at the same time. Additionally, subsequent to removing the messages from tapping on the Delete button doesn’t remove the mail storage capacity as all the deleted email messages stay in the trash folder. Thus, again you need to delete emails from trash folder to permanently erase messages from Mac Catalina Mail storage.

Instructions to Delete Mail Storage on Mac Catalina

Open the Mail application on your iMac/MacBook, press and hold the Shift key and select the messages you need to remove. In the wake of choosing all the emails, you need to erase, click the Delete button, at that point all the chose messages will be erased.

Delete Multiple Emails on Mac

If you need to erase numerous messages from a similar individual, type the name of the sender in the inquiry bar to discover all the messages from the sender. If that you might want to erase numerous emails got or sent on a particular date, enter the date, for instance, entering “Date: 11/13/18-11/14/18” in the search bar.

Delete all Emails from Mailbox Folder on Mac Catalina

If that you need to delete mail storage on Mac Catalina, here is a speedy method to do it.

  1. In the Mail application on your Mac, select the mailbox you need to erase all messages.
  2. Click Edit > Select All. All messages in the mailbox will be chosen.
  3. Click the Delete button to remove all messages from that particular mailbox folder on Mac.

Or on the other hand you can choose a mailbox to delete it. At that point all messages in the mailbox will be erased. Notwithstanding, the inbox can’t be erased.

How to Delete Mail Storage on Mac

Mail Storage is mainly used to store emails, Mail caches, and attachments. Users can delete emails with attachments one by one using manual method but If you find it too inconvenient to do so, there is an easier solution.

It is recommended to use Mailbakup Apple Mail Backup Tool to clean up Mail storage. It is a great Mac cleaner that lets you clean mails and also take a backup of emails locally. In addition, this iCloud backup software has designed in a way that any native user who doesn’t have enough technical knowledge can also backup important emails and delete mail storage on Mac Catalina.

Steps to Delete Email After Download

  1. Download, Install and Run Mailbakup iCloud Backup Tool on your computer
  2. Enter the credentials to log in iCloud account in the software
  3. Now, select the file format to backup important emails from your Apple account
  4. Here, click on the Delete After Download option to remove emails after downloading
  5. Finally, click on the Start Backup button to export all emails on Mac Catalina.


How to Delete Mail Storage on Mac Catalina? This blog will depict you how to delete all emails from iCloud mail. We have disclosed a manual method to remove emails from Mac mail but the manual method is not a proficient technique as we cannot delete all emails in one click using the manual method, therefore, to delete all emails using the manual method takes a lot of time and effort. Therefore, in this case, understanding the struggle of users, we have mentioned an automated solution using which one can easily delete mail storage easily in one click. Moreover, this tool gives the option to take the backup of important emails before deleting them from the server.

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