How to Download Attachments from Multiple Emails in Hotmail – Solved

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Query1: Last night I accessed my Hotmail account to view one of my emails and the attachments. When I was opening one of the attachment, I was failed to do so. I tried many times but could not open any of the attachment. Also, it was not downloading to hard drive. I have no idea on this and don’t know how could i resolve this. Do you know how to download attachments from multiple emails in Hotmail. Please suggest me any reliable solution.

Query 2: I have been using the Hotmail account for many years. From some period, I am facing the issue that none of my attachments from Hotmail account is being downloaded when I login through Chrome Browser. But when I switch the browser, I am able to do so. Its been a while and I don’t know where I am missing the link. I updated chrome to the latest version. Still, I’m unable to download attachments from Hotmail. Can you help me to resolve this issue.


Hotmail is an email client that got merged with Outlook and now all Hotmail accounts are accessed through The come situations when the emails become unresponsive and do not preview anything on the monitor screen. This usually occurs due to some system or server faults. One such issue is the download attachments from multiple emails in Hotmail. This can occur due to any of the issues that we will be discussing below.

Download attachments from multiple emails in Hotmail

How to Download Attachments from Multiple Emails in Hotmail?

The first thing, one needs to do when Hotmail ( is irresponsive is to change the browser and see if the data is downloadable from other sources (browser). Some of the manual techniques to restrict such issues can be seen below

  1. Update Browser to the latest version.
  2. Disable all the extensions from the browser.

The above solutions are given when the fault is on the system. But when the server crashes (Server Outage), then you need to contact the mail management support team to recover the email account. You will be unable to download attachments from Hotmail till the server is back online. Though offers a great mail management service, all the Outages are maintained without troubling the email users.

You can easily download attachments from multiple emails in Hotmail if all the prevention steps are taken. Still, if any error stands in your way, the manual solution fails down. In such cases, you can try using the alternative method.

How to Download All Attachments from Multiple Emails in Hotmail Efficiently?

In the efficient solution, all the attachments with the emails from the Hotmail account will be saved on the local hard drive. In this case, you can even select attachments using email date filtering for selective attachments download and backup Hotmail account.

Steps to Download Attachments from Hotmail

Step-1: Download and Run SysTools Hotmail Backup Tool.

Step-2: Login with Hotmail (Outlook) account.

Step-3: Select the download File type.

Step-4: Browse a location to save the data on the system.

Step-5: Click on Start button to begin.

This will save all the attachments from the selected emails on the local hard drive. This process requires a stable. Plus the efficient filtering functionality helps out to perform attachments download smartly.


In this article, we have gone through the solutions that can help you download attachments from Hotmail account. Some techniques are studied which can restrict your Hotmail attachments being downloaded and saved on local system. Learn the solutions to fix such issues and easily have all attachments downloaded from the account.

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