How To Set Up Your New Home Office When You’re on a Tight Budget

People are today working from home more than ever. With so many people having to adapt to these changes, it can get pretty tough doing your job from home unless you have a proper home office. However, not everyone has one. Luckily, it’s not too hard setting up an office, even if you don’t have the fortune to spend on it. This is how to create an inspiring office space in Sydney with no large investments. 

Define the work office space 

For start, you’ll need to determine where your office space will be. It’s best to have some separate space where you’ll just work. That helps you keep the focus and productivity at high levels. When you don’t use the same space for resting, socializing, and binge-watching TV series and for doing hard work to meet the deadlines, you tend to get much more productive. 

Space itself makes you feel more diligent and ready to get that work done. You can create a perfect office space from spaces such as a large stair landing, a small closet, a spare room, or even an unused corner of your living room.

Make up a floor plan 

It may seem practical to move the furniture around and see what works best in the office, but it’s actually not as practical as it seems. You invest a lot of time and energy, but you can do the same with much fewer resources.

A good floor plan will spare you of the extra moving around and potentially damaging the furniture. You can simply spend some time measuring the furniture and space and easily find a place for everything. Once you think everything trough, you’ll be more than happy with the results.

Do something yourself 

Having professionals in some cases is necessary. For instance, you shouldn’t work with electricity unless you’re skilled enough and unless you know very well what you’re doing. On the other hand, there are jobs you can do on your own, without any experts.

For example, you don’t have to pay someone to paint the walls. This is a rather simple task and, even though it won’t look as good when an amateur does it, it’ll still be very nice. What’s most important, you’ll save a lot of money when you decide to do tasks like this one on your own. 

Work with what you have 

You don’t have to buy everything new for your home office. Instead, you can go through your home and see whether you already own things that could fit into your office. For example, there may be some pieces of old furniture that could look great in a new, refreshed space. 

You should start with the guest rooms and work your way through the home. Sometimes, guestrooms can be filled with things you don’t use every day, and finding a new purpose for them might be an amazing idea.

Make some DIY furniture 

If you don’t have an old desk that you can put into your home office, don’t worry. Another interesting idea that’ll save you money would be to make one. All you need to make a desk are two filing cabinets and laying a board across them. Make sure to sand the edges and paint the desk, and that’ll be it!

You can get creative and think of various ways to use materials you already have to make shelves, filing systems, and boxes. Make sure to decorate everything and you’ll have an interesting working environment. You can, and should, get some flowers into the office as well. With some fresh flowers delivered in Sydney, you can further enrich the space and make it more welcoming and inspiring. 

Look for cheap bargains 

Once you start equipping the space, don’t go straight to the stores for office things. Instead, make sure to check out some garage sales, flea markets, consignment shops, and thrift stores. All of these are famous for useful stuff for little money.

You can also lookup online some offers and see whether someone is selling a small desk or any other part your home office lacks. Even if you don’t like it at first, don’t forget that you can play with it – sand it down, paint it, and create what you need inexpensively.

Get some used furniture 

There is no better place where you can get office equipment than an actual office. Namely, it’s a great idea to visit some professional offices to see if their renovating. There are a lot of used desks and chairs in there and most of them are of great quality. If you get lucky, you may buy some of them for lower prices.

Furniture stores and furniture rental stores usually have pieces they’ll sell, which could be another way to get all you need. When it comes to buying furniture, one thing is essential – bring your measurements with you if you want to buy the right thing. 

Shop smartly 

You can get new décor without spending too much on it. Namely, you can look for it at discount stores or home centres. 

You can also find great deals in furniture outlets, lighting showrooms, and home decorating centres. Most of the items you find in these stores are inexpensive, but still very stylish. 

Trade things with others 

Finally, you can talk to a friend. Your friend might have the exact desk you need, but you feel ashamed to ask for it? 

No problem, all you need to do is offer something in return and you’ll have an amazing deal. For instance, if your friend needs a dining table that no longer fits into your home, offers the table, ask for the desk, and make a successful deal!


Working from home can seem tough if you’re not used to it. However, the key is to have a proper home office and your work shouldn’t suffer, no matter the circumstances. With these simple tips, you’ll invest the minimum of your time, effort, and money, and you’ll still get an amazing working space!