How to Use Visual Graphics to Generate More Traffic

How to Use Visual Graphics to Generate More Traffic

Well, we all know content is not just all about text. When we talk about content marketing, visual content is an important part of it. Visuals can attract and retain the audience with their colors and message. That’s why digital marketing experts insist on using unique images for marketing campaigns. Share simple images or hire a Graphic Design Agency in London to make them more appealing. You can get a better result and run the entire campaign.

This is the best strategy to engage the target audience without using words. But how one should use visual graphics to get better results? This is a more serious question that requires a proper strategy.

Why Do Images Matter?

Suitable images between the content are like doorways to valuable information. Images help your audience to connect the dots. In a way, visual content can link the separate pieces of content. So, if you use visuals well, you can present your story in a better and easy way.

Decide What You Want

Designing visuals and posting them has only one goal, to generate traffic. However, it’s up to you how you want your audience to engage. Decide what you want to achieve through visual content. Do you want them to like and comment or you want to bring them on your site?

Do you want to increase followers by switching them to another social platform? Or do you want them to buy a specific product or service? Choose the visuals according to your intentions.

How to Use Visuals to Generate More Traffic

In this article, you’ll know different ways to use images. Based on these ways, you can generate more traffic by simply using visual content.

The Featured Image

A feature image should be your first priority if you have a blog on your site. An appropriate image can put more sense into your blog if all it contains is words. If you are not adding any graph or chart, a featured image is all that you have to convey the message.

Plus, it becomes more important if you are getting traffic from social media. You need an attractive image that can attract users on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Product Images

Product images are very beneficial for e-commerce sites. You can pair the reviews or description with the exact look of the product. Thus, the audience can view and adore its design. Plus, this allows them to have a visual look at the product. You can also paste the product link on pictures to draw an audience on the specific pages.


Infographics is the best compound of content. You can use words, images and data to create a powerful visual graphic. You can make them more appealing with a creative and attractive design. An infographic pushed the viewer to explore more after the first glare. However, people don’t view them again after the first view.

SlideShare Traffic

This is more like a PowerPoint presentation or an infographic without heavy data. You can draw additional traffic and audience from SlideShare. Try to use alluring images and make them more presentable. Don’t forget to add the necessary information or qualities. You can also add product images inside the SlideShare and add a direct link to your site.