Human Hair Bundles And Weaving

Create beautiful styles after human hair weaving with human hair bundles!

There are a lot of human hairs available for weaving. However, the most popular one is virgin hair weave. It is the best one as it’s unprocessed which makes it easy to get styled in many ways and can also be colored in different shades looking as if it’s the natural hair. There are many popularly used human hairs which are Malaysian, Peruvian Brazilian and Indian hair. Moreover, all these hairs are characterized by a particular texture and come in many different wavy patterns from straight, to wavy and wavy to tight curls suiting women with any texture. You can easily weave with the human hair bundles. There’s no restriction when it comes to weaving body wave bundles to water wave bundles. So, whether it’s weaving or styling your hair in a very different way, you will always know what to do with human hair water wave bundles. 

Types of Hair Weave Available Are as Follows:

  • Virgin Hair

This hair is in its natural state, which has never been processed, colored or treated with chemicals. The cuticles of the virgin hair run in the same direction and are intact. They can be dyed colored, bleached or processed as natural hair which is an excellent option to use for making virgin human hair bundles.

  • Virgin Indian Hair

They are the thickest in texture and also have natural shine and lustre in them they are also too bouncy, which makes them good for giving any hairstyles like straight, wavy and curly. The virgin Indian hair suits almost every woman. So, if you’re looking for a popular look that could help you look adorable and ready for all the events, then this can be done easily with virgin Indian hair. 

  • Malaysian Hair

They are really soft to touch and are thicker and airy textured. Malaysian textured weave looks good on African and American women and blends well with it. It is also best for ladies having fine silky hair.

The Malaysian hair is good to make curls, and it holds up for a longer time and doesn’t lose its gloss with time, it’s easily manageable and very lustrous. 

  • Brazilian Hair

They are the best-textured hair for women of African American origin. It is one of the best types having full texture, manageable thickness and fabulous looking. It is a bit coarser than Indian hair just making it bouncier. You can get Brazilian virgin hair bundles online which are perfectly weaved and look just awesome. 

  • Peruvian Hair

These are softer, thicker and silky and shiny hair. The Peruvian textured hair is very lightweight, free-flowing and glossier. It is good to be used on relaxed and natural as well as medium hair textures.

All virgin hair weave is manageable and easy maintenance; you just have to follow some steps:

  • Clean it with a sulfate-free shampoo and use a conditioner.
  • Comb with a wide tooth comb.
  • Do not use a large quantity of oil.
  • Consult experts before experimenting on them.

Just don’t sit there and wait! Get ready for the most amazing hair experience with the water wave hair bundles. 

Happy Weaving!