How to Import Contacts to Excel from Outlook for Mac?

In this article, you will learn about how to import Contacts to Excel from Outlook for Mac program. You can convert OLM to Excel program manually or automatically without any problem. There are so many users who wants to know how to import Outlook for Mac OLM Contacts to Excel CSV format. Analyze the below query as asked by a user on Microsoft Forums:


I need to export a file containing 10,000 contacts from Outlook for Mac to Excel for third-party processing.

Normally, when I export from Outlook 7000, the lines are separated by last name, first name, email address, address, birthdate, notes, etc.

But every time I try an Excel document it looks like it’s completely corrupted: that is, in the Name column, I also get specific email addresses, birthdays, or customer notes with a total of 14,000 rows of data.

Tried to export contacts from the list (text limited to tab) and .olm file.

This was not a problem prior to upgrading to Office 2011 for Mac.

My system configurations: Office for Mac 2011, MacOS 10.6.8

Does anyone have a solution that can help me?

Your input is very valuable because it is urgent!

How to Convert Outlook for Mac Contacts to CSV File Manually?

You can manually export Outlook for Mac Contacts to Excel program completely free of cost. Just follow these simple steps to perform this task manually.

A). Export Outlook for Mac Contacts to CSV File:

  1. Open Outlook for Mac Program & Select Contacts option.
  2. Click on File menu, & then select Export option from the list.
  3. In the Popup box asking you, ‘what do you want to export’, select the category of the clients that you want to export.
  4. In the Save As box, provide the name with which you want to save CSV file. You can also provide the destination folder location where you want to save CSV files.
  5. The Outlook for Mac program will instantly start exporting Contacts to a CSV format.

B). Open CSV File in Excel Program:

  1. Open Microsoft Excel Program in your Computer.
  2. Press Ctrl+O or Open option from File menu.
  3. In the Open box, select the required CSV file to open it.
  4. The Text Delamination Import Wizard will Open & click on Finish button. Your Contacts will instantly start opening in the Excel program.

The process of converting OLM files to CSV manually is very tedious process. Saving Outlook for Mac Contacts as CSV file format helps the users to open them into any program. You can import OLM files to Excel, Google Spreadsheets, etc.

Limitations of Manual Solution:

Manual way of converting Outlook for Mac OLM files to CSV format will require advanced technical knowledge. Your Contacts Attributes may not properly migrate to Excel program during manual process.

Professional Tool to Export OLM Contacts to Excel:

To open a Mac OLM file to Excel, you need to convert OLM file to CSV file format. For this reason, we provide a third-party tool that will allow users to use it even if the method described above does not work or is missing for some unusual reasons. This tool allows the user to import CSV files directly into their Gmail account. Here are some other features of this tool:

  • Instantly Convert Single or Multiple OLM files to Excel in Batch mode.
  • Export all items of Mac OLM Files i.e., Emails, Contacts, & Calendars to CSV.
  • Provides Advanced Option to Convert Only Specific Outlook for Mac Contacts to Excel Program.
  • The overall process of OLM to Excel Conversion is very easy & user-friendly.
  • OLM to CSV Converter tool will preserve & maintain integrity of OLM contacts details & attributes.
  • The software is fully compatible with all the latest versions & editions of Microsoft Windows OS i.e., Windows 10, Win 8.1, Win 8, Win 7, Win XP, Windows Vista etc. for both 32-bit & 64-bit OS editions.
  • OLM to CSV Converter software is fully independent & standalone application to perform its task without any Outlook email client installation.

There are large number of benefits that comes up with this software as listed above. The application proves to be a perfect choice for all technical & non-technical knowledge.

Final Words:

In the above article, we get to know about how to export Outlook for Mac Contacts to Excel. You can convert OLM to CSV Manually or you can also try a professional OLM Migrator software. It is one of the best solution available at present time by providing a direct option to save Mac OLM files to CSV format. Later you can import the CSV file into Excel, Google Spreadsheets, Thunderbird, Outlook, or any some other email client or webmail service.