Import OLM File to Apple Contacts – Use Best Methods

In this article, we will look at a direct method for importing multiple OLM files into Apple Contacts. Many users wish to import OLM file to Apple Contacts, including emails, formatting, and attachments, as well as other important information. Before we get started, let’s have a look at some frequently asked questions on various forums and platforms. One such query is mentioned below:

User Query

“Hello! I’ve been using the Outlook platform for a very long time, and I’d want to transfer my OLM files into Apple Contacts. The most difficult issue for me is that OLM files are not supported for import into Apple contacts. Please provide a suitable method for importing OLM files into Apple contacts in a much simpler manner.”

Two Prominent Methods to Import OLM File to Apple Contacts

Many people wish to import an OLM file into their Apple contacts. Two workable approaches can be used to do the job:

  • Manual Procedure
  • Automated Tool

Manual Method to Import OLM file to Apple Contacts

You can also use this approach to import your OLM file into Apple contacts by following the steps outlined below:

  1. Launch Microsoft Outlook on your Mac.
  2. Select the OLM file to import into Apple Contacts.
  3. Next drag and drop the selected file on the desktop.
  4. Repeat the process for all needed OLM files.
  5. Next, open Apple Contacts and browse to the file option, then select the Import Mailboxes option.
  6. A new box comes on your computer then you have to choose the data type of the source file to select the appropriate file format and then click on Continue.
  7. Navigate to the location where you saved all of your OLM files before. Click the Select button to continue the process of importing OLM files into Apple contacts.
  8. A new window with all of your OLM files will open on your screen.
    Note: If you just want to import certain OLM files, simply click the checkbox next to the file you don’t want to import.
  9. Press the Continue button. Your OLM files have all been properly imported into Apple Contacts.

Automated Approach to Import OLM file to Apple Contacts

Automatic way is the most practical method for importing OLM files into Apple contacts. You can use the Mac OLM Converter utility to import OLM files in bulk. Users can simply convert numerous OLM files at the same time. This tool also offers a plethora of other features.  Some of them are listed below:

Proficient Features of Mac OLM converter

  • It allows the user to import an OLM file into 9+ other file formats.
  • Provides a data filter option for exporting chosen data.
  • Maintain the original folder hierarchy throughout the procedure.
  • Allow the transfer of Mac Outlook 2011 to a new machine.
  • Verify the user’s identity before converting the OLM file in bulk.
  • In addition, this utility exports the OLM file generated in Mac Outlook 2019, 2016, and 2011.
  • Give permission for OLM contacts to be imported into Outlook.
  • Does not need technical expertise at any point during the procedure.

Functioning of the Mac OLM converter

Download the OLM TO PST CONVERTER from the official site and install it on the machine.

Now click on the Add file/folder option to add and load your OLM file on the software panel.

Then select the CSV format from the enlisted options. Also, you can customize the resultant files by selecting Advanced Settings.

Provide the destination path location to save the resultant files.

Once you are satisfied with the settings, simply click on the Export button to begin the conversion.

In just a matter of minutes, your conversion process will be complete. Navigate the location of the resultant files to access them.

Why manual method is not efficient?

  • The manual approach is time-consuming. Because we have to repeat the entire procedure for each file it makes it tiresome and tough.
  • There is no possibility for selective file migration.
  • The time-consuming procedure of importing OLM files into Apple Contacts.
  • It does not enable you to mass import files.
  • Technical expertise is required to complete the entire process.

Note: Windows users can use the software that is designed for the same purpose. You will get the same benefits and functionality in Windows software too.

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We addressed the direct approach to import OLM file to Apple Contacts. With the help of this application, many users will be able to quickly import their OLM files into Apple Contacts without the need for professional assistance or any pre-requisites. This application has a user-friendly interface, so even a non-technical person can easily export selected emails from Outlook Mac by reading this post.