Essential Safety Equipment Every Laboratory Must Have

Lab Safety Tools

Laboratories and experimental areas are some of the locations that use the most harmful elements and chemicals. Due to the use and higher amount of their existences in such places, it is very important to use some safety tools and equipment. Every chemical will have different impacts on the health of the person dealing with them.

Not making any proper arrangements for the safety of the people working with these chemicals will result in a great amount of external and internal diseases. Some of the most common diseases that people in the laboratories face are as follows.

  • Skin infections and irritations
  • Eye allergies
  • Breathing problems
  • Skin burns and lacerations
  • Chemical inhalation
  • Cuts to the skin

Keep scrolling down the article to get familiar with some of the most important safety equipment and tools for a laboratory.

Top 7 Lab Safety Tools That Are a Must to Have

Like any other place, laboratories also require safety tools and equipment for the safety of the workers and the lab itself. Many people will suggest you work with care and attention, but despite all these efforts, you cannot improve your safety unless you use a safety tool.

Following are the safety tools that you must have in your laboratories for improved safety.

1. Respiratory tools

Keeping the physical damages aside, the people working in laboratories face many internal and invisible damages. These internal damages occur due to the inhalation of toxic chemical substances and fumes in the environment. To avoid such chemical inhalations, it is important for the people working in the labs to use respiratory tools. To ensure the safety of their workers, most laboratories consult safety equipment suppliers in UAE and get the most secure and safe tools for their workplace and workers.

2. Goggles

Chemical splashes are one of the biggest reasons for eye irritations and damages. You need to make sure that your eyes are safe from these chemical splashes by wearing quality Goggles that do not affect your vision but improve the safety of your eyes. These goggles are not only essential for people working with chemicals, but they are also important for people using UV lights during experimentation.

3. Gloves and lab coats

For avoiding the contact of chemicals to your skin, proper lab clothing is important. The most areas to get infected while experimenting with these chemicals are your hands. So, make sure you are wearing some standard-quality gloves to avoid chemical contact with your skin. To keep your body skin safe, you should also wear a lab coat because it is made of a special absorbent material that restricts these chemical spills from damaging your skin.

4. Fire blankets

Fire blankets are used to protect the people in the lab if their clothing catches fire. It is one of the immediate and quick actions one can take to take control of the situation. These fire blankets are a must to have safety equipment in laboratories, and these must be kept in a place where it is easy to access. Fire blankets may seem ineffective in saving someone who has caught fire, but it helps prevent great damages from happening.

5. Chemical fume hoods

Besides using respirators and masks to avoid inhalation of the chemicals, laboratories can also use chemical fume hoods. Using these fume hoods will double the safety of the workers and people inside the laboratory from inhaling any chemical fumes. Make sure your laboratory has one of these safety tools installed to avoid and minimize chemical exposures and inhalation.

6. Safety showers

One of the most neglected safety tools and elements in laboratories is the safety showers. These are a must in newly constructed and modern laboratories. The main purpose and objective of these safety showers are to take immediate action if a person gets in contact with a toxic chemical. In such a way, the severity of the accident can be reduced to a great extent by minimizing the prolonged exposure of humans to these toxic chemicals.

7. Fire extinguishers

Having fire extinguishers in the laboratories is a must to take quick action if anything catches fire. Laboratories use burners to conduct various experiments and chemical processes. Such processes require great care because the chances of the chemical substances catching fire within seconds are higher. Even after great care, one cannot avoid the uncertainties but can make arrangements to deal with them. You can also acquire the services of safety equipment suppliers to get some quality safety tools to ensure the safety of your workplace.

Make sure your labs are equipped with modern safety tools!

If your lab has the storage of toxic chemicals, then you must make sure that your lab is equipped with all the necessary safety tools to deal with any uncertainty. If your lab lacks these safety tools, then make sure to reach the best safety equipment suppliers to ensure the chemical handling in labs and ensure the safety of your workplace and workers.