Loading and unloading care during Car Shipping

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The best solution for transporting your car to a new place is by shipping the car. It provides a better solution than using the Roll on Roll off (Ro-Ro). You may even ship your essential goods along with the car in the same container, which is a cost-effective solution. Find out more information on cost-effectively shipment methods that Mac Logistics could advise on by contacting us today!

The standard containers used for the shipping the cars are in two sizes; 20′ and 40′ in length.

  • 20’ Containers are suitable for the shipment of one car or 4 x 4
  • 40’ Containers gives them enough space for shipment of two average-sized cars. For the transportation of more than one vehicle, using 40’ container is a cost-effective solution.

Loading service is done during the shipment of the car

It is extremely vital to ensure that your car is in good running condition before transporting it overseas. Make sure to have the full tank of gas and battery is fully charged. Also check the anti-freeze level is adequate to avoid any potential engine problems. The car would be driven at some point during the car shipping process such as while loading or disembarkation. Hence, make sure that your car is in perfect running condition.

Safety loading of the car should be done with great care along with ensuring that it is well-secured throughout the shipment to the destination. The vehicle should not move within the container, especially when loading and unloading the vehicle from the ship. Continue reading to find out more detailed information to securely load and unload the car in the container.

 At the loading point, the car should be carefully driven into the container and positioned before safely chocking all the four wheels. Metal or wood is screwed down to the floor of the container while chocking the wheels strongly. The padded ratchet straps are used to lash the wheels to the containers by securing the eyelet located in each corner. It helps to assure that the car does not move during the transit. But for some vehicles, the secure straps around the wheel cannot be done. The front and rear towing eyelet in the vehicle is used to lash the car to the container for safety.

Check for the certificate of insurance from the car shipping company. It helps you to ensure that any accidental damages or missing cargo are covered, at the worse. Also ensure that the car is insured against the theft and accidental damage, which will assure that you are fully covered if anything goes wrong during the car shipping.

Car shipping is the best way of transporting your vehicle overseas, but one needs to ensure all the necessary precautions are taken. If not, accidental damages could occur to your car, which can be easily avoided by carefully choosing the best logistic service, especially during loading and unloading of the car to the container.  Contact Mac Logistics to find out more information on the best way of securely loading and unloading the car into the container, and we will be happy to assist you!

Choosing the right company to have the loading and unloading of the car along with the safe shipment makes the bigger difference to the likelihood to avoid any damages to your vehicle. Else you would end up from minor scratches or worse situations. Ensure to evaluate your options carefully and way extra attention to the quotes provided by the company.