Love to Plays Online Games? Look At the List of Most Awaited Ones


If you are a gamer or play games quite often, then you must have witnessed the changes. The games that you used to play in now changed because of the technology. Now you can experience high-quality games. From virtual reality to Xbox, everything boosts the gaming sector.

The expectation of professional gamers is much high, and that raises with every year. They want to do something new every minute. To meet people demand, companies are working hard to introduce new games every month or years.

Now, if you are searching for the best games, then you land in the right place. We have come up with the top games that will blow your mind. So, let’s have a look at the list.

Topmost awaited Online Games

Here, we have mentioned the top seven games. Though, you may have to spend money over purchasing it. If you think that it is challenging to bear the cost at this moment, then you can leverage the option, like very bad credit loans with no guarantor and no broker

However, the price of the game is not that much, but you can either prepare for it. So, without wasting more time, let’s have a look at them.

  • The Artful Escape: An Adventurous Story 

If you are an adventurous game lover, then this is for you. According to the trailer, which seems very attractive and full of suspense, shows how a musical person challenge with the imaginary world. The fascinating fact is that the world is created by its imagination, from challenges to managing them.

You are surely going to experience a different game. It has been noticed that you can play this with a standard device too, but you can use the virtual that relies on the game makers.

  • Avengers: For Marvel Fans 

A few years ago, avengers became the highest-grossing movie, and it was a chance for makers to come with the unique game. And, people are waiting for it, and suddenly the news go games pop up. This year you might be going to play an action game that can bring back your memories attached with the Marvel universe.

Surely, you cannot expect a unique storyline, but when everything is in your control, then this is going to be crazy. You can virtually meet the ironman or captain America. It is something special for marvel games lover. However, marvel previously dropped many new games, but this could surprise you.

  • Runner Up: Action Games Lover 

If you are a fan of Pubg or any other shooting and treasure hunting game, then runner up is for you. It may seem a sequel of the previous one, but it is not. From the storyline to surprising facts, all things can vary in this game. So, if you purchase this game, then make sure you play with a fresh mind.

In case you are playing with old games thoughts, then this will be going to difficult. You may find the cost of this game is high, but that is worthy because this contains so many different plots that make it more engaging. It is available to both PC and mobile version.

  • Final Fantasy 7: Top Game Of 2020 

This game becomes the most loved game, and most of the people find it enjoyable. Conversely, you cannot play this game directly. You have to go through the previous one too. Now, it may happen that you have played the game before, then now you can experience the extended story of it.

It is available for both PC and PS4. You can go with any one of them, but make sure you have played the final fantasy to six, directly playing this one may not provide you with the expected expectation. You can buy this game online or even from the game store. The price may vary, but that would be a slight difference.

  • Gods And Monsters: Based On Greek Mythology 

The rivalry between two parts where one side you can God, and on another side monster. The story is based on Greek mythology, and you will face several adverts our, and have to fight with the monster. In case you heard about the mythology, and then it will add up your experience.

This games you might get in Pc or virtual too. If you have Xbox one, then you can play that one too, with the latest version. It has been predicted that in the coming time, this game will be mobile friendly too. So, this will become part of every device, and no matter where you are, you can enjoy it.

These are the five top games that you can enjoy this year, and we hope that this list will able to meet your expectation. Choose any one of them, and boost the gaming experience, and if you are new, then select one that suits your choice.