Models and Features to Consider Before Developing a Food Delivery App

Food Delivery App: UberEats Clone

The growth of on-demand businesses is shooting up since people are adapting to the digital culture at a faster pace than ever before. The reason behind such dependency and adaptations is due to the service’s speed and convenience. One such on-demand service that is continuously favoring customers and gaining impressive revenue is food delivery. 

Recent research even revealed that almost 87% of mobile users prefer to install food delivery apps to receive their favorite food at their preferred time. On the other hand, the economic value of this industry is expected to grow by $32 billion by 2020. 

These figures and market expansion estimations inspired many entrepreneurs to join the market by developing a new delivery application. And if you are one among them, planning to start or develop, then this article is for you. 

Food Delivery Startup Models

Be aware to choose the right delivery model when you plan your business. Generally, there are three types of models: Restaurant app, aggregator model, and delivery with logistics support. You must understand the functionalities of all these applications and purchase the one that suits your plan. 

Here, we will explain what these apps do. 

  • Restaurant App: 

This model is best suited for restaurants who want to launch their own delivery applications for customers. Dominos is the best example of this model. 

  • Aggregator Model

If you are interested to launch a food delivery service app by co-ordinating with both customers and restaurants, then this model is the best fit. Here, as an owner, you can control all the operations like booking and confirmation. Whereas, the delivery part will be carried out by the restaurants. 

  • Delivery With Logistic Support

This is the most chosen model as it mirrors the functions of popular applications like UberEats, GrubHub, etc. Many entrepreneurs adopt this model as this brings higher profit since this benefits the restaurant owners as it handles delivery operations too. 

Features Of UberEats Clone App

Once you have chosen the model, the next crucial thing that you have to focus on is feature integration. Whether you choose an UberEats clone or plan to build a whole new application, ensure to have the following features in the application. 

Information/Data Access

Providing the expected data and keeping track of customer preferences is important. And for this, the API plays a vital role. The moment a customer chooses the food or selects an option, the API will help fetch the required details to be more precise for the customer. 

Payment Integration

Allowing flexible payments for your customers is another bonus to increase the customer base. Both credit and cash payments must be enabled in your delivery application. Recently, many have integrated Google Pay as it is been used by many customers around. Integrating the upcoming payment methods in your applications can definitely gain you new customers in the long run. 

Real-Time Tracking

Push notifications and geo-location tracking integrations can enhance the customer-friendliness. If your app gives continuous updates about the order’s arrival and status, it will definitely leverage the status of your application as it reduces the stress among the people regarding the order arrival. Choosing the best and latest technology for this tracking feature is essential.

Analytics & Reports

Keep track of your customer’s behavior and preferences while they are using your applications. Examining these features can certainly help you incorporate new ideas as well as understand your customer’s expectations easily. 

Scheduled delivery services

This is something that can add up your potential customer’s sum. Allowing your customers to schedule their food delivery for later needs can increase the popularity of your app as well as help you build brand loyalty.  

Referrals & Promo Codes

This feature is completely dedicated to increase your customer base. Referrals and promo codes can be efficient when you indicate to them through push notifications. You will have a higher chance to make your users use the codes when you promote it through notifications. 

Review and Ratings

This is a crucial feature as this explains how well your services are. Here, each and every order’s feedback counts, and thus you must never forget to integrate it in the application. 

Hence, the aforementioned features must be incorporated into your new application to remain familiar. Also, don’t concentrate less when you’re looking for a developing partner since you have to choose wisely. If you wonder who to choose, check out Uberlikeapp today!