4 Myths About PC Repairs That Everyone Thinks Are True

pc repair

Death and taxes are the only two things you can be sure about – everything else is debatable.

We sometimes take things for granted as true – like things you might hear about PC repairs. This article is about dispelling those myths. Let’s start with myth one.

Myth One – Computer Viruses

There are a few mistaken beliefs we tend to have about Malware and computer viruses. One of these beliefs is that Macs don’t get infected with Malware and viruses. Many of us consider Mac to be ultra-secure and incapable of becoming a target of nefarious software. Even worse, we assume that Mac repair is easy – unfortunately, this is not the case.

Other people fall for the myth that antivirus computer will adequately protect your computer from Malware and viruses. Unfortunately, this is not the case. No antivirus program will completely protect your computer from infection, as these programs are just getting more advanced and harder to find.

Finally, many people think that when they need PC repairs, viruses and Malware are to blame. This is often not the case, because Malware today is so advanced. It will not negatively affect how your computer performs. Although your computer might be infected, the viruses are probably not slowing down your computer – it is most likely a hardware problem that is plaguing your device.

Myth Two – Devices that Cost More

If you have purchased a costly computer you might mistakenly believe it is immune to failure – but you’re forgetting about one of the main causes of computer failure – human error! While it’s true more expensive devices might be sturdier, they aren’t immune to water damage from a spill while you’re using your computer, viruses, or drops.

Myth Three – Getting Computer Repairs at a Big Box Retailer

Many of us head straight to Staples, Best Buy, or the Apple Store when our computer breaks. However, this often isn’t the best option. Third-party computer repair shops typically a better choice. These stores are local to you, so you won’t have to travel to the big box store.

You won’t have to make an appointment and wait in line, or be put on hold while you call for the status of your repair.

Getting your computer repaired at a local shop is also a safe option. Many of these stores offer warranties ranging from ninety days to a year. These warranties are contracts guaranteeing that your repair will be dependable, and if it is not, you can bring it back to the store and get it fixed again for free.

You can also expect a faster turnaround time when you head to a local repair store. Big box retailers often have devices stacked on top of each other waiting to be repaired, while you will be the priority at a third-party repair shop.

Finally, your customer service will be better. Techs will remember you and your device, so they can get to the bottom of your problem sooner. At big-box retailers, employees are not cross-trained like they are at your local repair store. This means that the cashier will not be able to tell you about the specs of your device, the person answering the phones will not be familiar with your repair, and sometimes, your computer will even be sent overseas for repair at these stores.

Myth Four – Slow Computers

A lot of people believe that if their PC is running slowly, their computer just needs to be reformatted. They’ll put their data at risk by reinstalling Windows when this might not be the solution to their problem. Slow computers can be caused by a number of issues, like hard drive failure, lack of space, or unused software. Reformatting computers should be a last resort.

Finally, people assume that if their computer is running slowly that they should buy a new one. It’s always best to bring your device to a PC repair shop before you go out and purchase a new one. Computers don’t run slowly all of the time because they are older – more often, there is something fixable causing the issue. Bring your slow computer to a repair shop to get it looked at before you take the plunge and buy a new one.