New York Walk in High-Quality Refrigerators

New York Walk in High-Quality Refrigerators

As New York has developed over the past decade, it has become the center of some of the best restaurants and foodservice companies in New York. To compete in this fast-growing region, New York diners need reliable equipment like high-quality walk-in refrigerators.

At Walk-In Freezer New York, we want to make sure you get the best value for what you pay when it comes to keeping your food fresher.

What do you know about walking in refrigerators

Refrigerators are designed to maintain temperatures between 34 degrees Fahrenheit and 40 degrees Fahrenheit, while commercial freezers should stay between -10 degrees Fahrenheit and 0 degrees Fahrenheit. Although you might think a refrigerator is a refrigerator, there are actually a few important things to keep in mind when trying to take the right walk-in choosing a refrigerator for your New York business.

Types of large refrigerators

There are two types of buses: prefabricated and compact.

  • Prefab units come bundled with urethane panels and manufacturer specifications. It provides many great benefits including ease of expansion and portability.
  • Embedded units often consist of insulation covered with construction tiles on walls and floors. These units can be built to meet the exact needs of your space but cannot be moved or changed as easily as prefab units.

Outdoor units versus indoor units

This will be one of the first choices you will make when choosing your unit. If you have the space to place your outdoor unit, this could be a great space-saving project. Bear in mind that outdoor units need to take into account whether resistance and can be slightly more expensive. You will also have to consider the location of the condensing unit – which our specialists can help you locate.

It is also natural that outdoor units are easier to install and repair, and can provide an easier connection in the long run.

Size and shape

Know your size before choosing to walk into the refrigerator. Always keep growth in mind, but make sure you don’t overeat and you end up incurring large, unnecessary energy costs. Sometimes it is better to extend your unit once growth has occurred rather than trying to grow in New York in the refrigerator.

Types of insulation

There are two main methods of insulation used for indoor walking: foam in place and laminate. While there is a slight difference in performance between the two, laminate provides a greater amount of customization because it cuts easily, but the foam is definitely a viable and sturdy option.

Cooling system specifications

Cooling systems can be either remote or stand-alone and can be placed on the roof of an entry room, on the roof of your building, or next to your building on a platform. The horsepower required will depend on your size needs, and our team will guide you through the exact results you should be targeting.

Walk in the floors

We sell units with and without floors installed. Integrated floors are ideal for most restaurants because they are pre-insulated and provide better energy efficiency but may also be more expensive.

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