Online Grocery Shopping: To Be or Not to Be?

online grocery shopping

Online grocery shopping is not a new thing to our country – it has been around for qyite some time now. However, the demand for contactless services has popularised it in the recent times. What’s more? The latest trend in online shopping is buying groceries on credit, or in other words, udhaar grocery online. But does online shopping actually help the consumers? Let’s weigh the pros and cons!

Why shop for groceries online?

Buying food without touching is a great prospect especially in the times of pandemic. Yes, grabbing groceries for the week ahead is one of the most basic chores of adulting, but wouldn’t it be convenient and safe if you didn’t have to walk through the supermarket aisles just to find a handful of stuff on your shopping list?

Time is money – the old adage stands true especially in the current times. Browsing for essentials online doesn’t only help you make some time for other equally important things, it also helps you make some major savings in terms of money with special discounts and combo offers.

Pros of online grocery shopping

1. You can shop according to your timetable. No need to abide by the store hours! You can place an order while commenting to work, catching up with friends, or binging on the latest Netflix series.

2. Running low on cash? You can now shop first and pay later. Udhaar shopping in India is definitely a thing now. Buying grocery on credit can help you stock up on essentials without having to wait for your next pay check.

3. Don’t like the store staff snooping around or coercing you into buying stuff? You can shop in a pressure-free environment. Make your decisions one product at a time without having to tolerate four other shoppers breathing down your neck.

4. No more long checkout queues. Waiting at the checkout counter can be quite tedious, especially during festivals or weekends. But with online shopping, you can checkout instantly without any hassle.

5. Direct to home deliveries. You don’t have to carry that heavy grocery bags all the way up the stairs to your home anymore. Convenient, isn’t it?

The Cons of Online Grocery Shopping

1. Online grocery shopping needs planning. You need to think ahead and then stick to the plan. No more last minute dinner decisions. It can be quite a bummer for some, but nevertheless helps save money.

2. You don’t get to pick the perfect veggies or fruits. Most online stores take some liberty while delivering perishable stuff like vegetables and fruits. What you can do about is either shop from a trusted seller or return the product you don’t find to be suitable.

3. Everything that you put on your shopping list might not be available on a single store. However, you can browse through multiple online stores to find the exact product that you wish to buy, or settle with alternatives.

4. No more joy of grocery hunting. If you choose to shop groceries online, you will not get to have a cheerful trip to the grocery store where you could scour through the aisles to find the perfect products. You might also not get a chance to stumble upon new products while looking for something else. However, the loss of this excitement might be covered in the form of monetary savings.

Since it is your shopping list, the final decision stays uptown you. Weigh in the pros and cons on shopping groceries online, and decide for yourselves whether or not online shopping suits your needs.