How to open mbox file without facing errors?

How do you open mbox file

I have multiple .mbox file which contains so many important messages. Even after multiple tries still, I am not able to open that file. Kindly tell me how do you open mbox file? I am looking for a perfect software that can help me in reading mbox emails offline. Kindly suggest me any reliable solution.”

Are you also looking for how do you open mbox file? If your answer is yes, then no need to worry now. In this blog we discuss about how do u open mbox file. As there are many users who are searching solution for this issue. So, read complete blog and stay tuned with for more information.

There are many users who are not aware about how to complete this process. Therefore, users often search for how do you open mbox file? It can be completed by taking the help of an automated solution. 4N6 MBOX Viewer application is the best suited application for users.

4N6 MBOX Viewer application

MBOX is a file extension for text files used to store and organize users email and calendar data collection. This mbox file stores all emails from the entire folder in one database file. MBOX file can create one or more long text files.

Open MBOX files with the help of third – party application

If user wants to export their mbox data then for that purpose user can also take the help of this tool. This application is able to convert the mbox data as well.

How to open mbox file – Complete working procedure

Follow some simple steps to accomplish the task without facing any issues:

  1. First, download and run the MBOX Viewer Tool on your Windows system to start the process of software to open mbox file items.
  2. Then, click on Open button. Now, select the MBOX file that user want to load into the software panel.
  3. Now, user have to select the MBOX folder and enable Compact View to hide the system folder.
  4. After that, to check the preview in different modes select MBOX email.
  5. Thereafter, go to search icon and find the text and keywords in your MBOX file.
  6. Finally, click on the right button on the MBOX file attachment to Open and Save All data.

Some fascinating features of MBOX Viewer application

  • This 4n6 MBOX viewer program has an easy-to-use graphical interface. So that every user can use it without facing any hassle. For technical experts and novice users, using this tool to open and view MBOX files is very easy.
  • This utility is advanced software which helps users in opening and viewing corrupt MBOX files. If users’ files are damaged or in the inaccessible state, then user will be able to view the content of their files with ease by opting this software.
  • This MBOX makes it easy for the user to search for a specific MBOX email by using advanced Search feature. The user just has to enter the relevant word in search bar. The software will display all the emails related to the keyword searched by the user. User can also customize the search process by using search filters & operators according to their choice. 
  • 4N6 MBOX viewer tool is a brilliant utility and it can easily open mbox files without depending on any email application. It is an independent application.

Wrapping up

In the above blog, we have explained about how do you open mbox file. There are multiple users who are looking solution for the same issue. After reading this blog user can easily now users can easily overcome this situation without facing any issues. Using third – party tool is beneficial for users. As they can solve this process with under technical assistance.

The best thing about this process is, it provides free demo version to its users. Demo version is completely free of cost. Through this user can make sure that they want to use the licensed version of the software or not. In licensed version user will get more benefits than trail version. In this user can also open unlimited mbox files.

Some commonly asked questions of users and their solutions

Q 1 – How to open an MBOX file?

A – Follow some steps for instant results:

  • Install 4n6 MBOX Viewer Tool on your system & add mbox files.
  • Then, view MBOX file email attachments along with attachments.
  • After that, open the MBOX in 4 Ways i.e., Content, Message Header, Hex & Raw Message.
  • 4n6 MBOX Viewer application provides fast and advanced search mode to users.

Q 2 – How much time this tool will take to open mbox files?

A – The completion of the task totally depends on the size of the MBOX files added. Less size of the mbox file will take less time.

Q 3 – Are there any data security issues associated along with this software?

A – No, the MBOX viewer application is integrated with powerful security and data protection algorithms. So, there is no chance of breaching of data or data loss while working with this software.