5 Easy Ways To Overcome “Fear Of A Blank Slate”

Blank Slate

Copywriters, editors, and everyone who writes sooner or later face the fear of a blank slate. This is a state when a person does not know where to start and worries that he lacks the knowledge.

 Many students face this fear of a blank slate and thus take help from various reliable dissertation writing services. But we should find a solution to this problem. In this article, we will figure out what problems a writer faces and how he can overcome them.

1- No Idea And No Clear Plan

Sometimes the author simply does not know what to write about and there is no interesting topic for an article. You have to write a post or an article urgently but all the topics that come to mind seem hackneyed and uninteresting.

What To Do

In such a situation, the content plan helps out. To come up with topics for posts at least a month in advance. You need to work with search results, Google Trends, flip through the feeds in social networks, and conduct surveys among subscribers. You can arrange the result in the form of a table or mind-map.

2- Not Enough Knowledge On The Topic

A copywriter usually receives a task from an editor, marketer, or SEO specialist. If they have an idea and plan, but still they don’t know what to write, this is due to a lack of information.

What To Do

Before starting to work on the article, you need to find all possible information on the topic. Read articles on the Internet, watch videos, and maybe chat with experts. It is logical to start your search with Google which is always at hand. By collecting as much information as possible you can look at the topic from different points of view.

3-  No First Phrase

A lot of material can also push away important points. It becomes unclear where it is better to start. Moreover, we are taught: the first phrase is the main one; you need to lure the reader with it.  And if you don’t interest them, they will leave.

What to do

Get it out of your head that you can only interest the reader with a lead paragraph. The correct structure of the material also helps to captivate the reader.

Write the material in subheadings and paragraphs. It should be obvious from the subheading what this section is about.  This helps to perceive information in parts – so it is easier for the reader.

4- Can’t Pick The Right Intonation

This problem often arises for newbie writers who are not yet used to expressing their thoughts in writing. It seems to them that written speech should sound somehow in a special way, not like oral speech. 

 What To Do

A writer must remember that he has a specific audience. This means that the articles must be according to the tone of the targeted audience. Therefore, the copywriter does not need any special intonation. 

5- Not Sure It Will Turn Out Well

Not only beginners are badly stunned by the fear of writing. Experienced writers, too, are often faced with new challenges, new topics, new circumstances that can unsettle and freeze in front of a white screen. 

 What to do

Start with a draft. That is, with the thought that it will not work well to write right away. The realization that we are not writing the last and not even the penultimate version, that then there will still be editing in several approaches, will help to relax and finally start working.

Once you start writing, you cannot stop to edit the paragraph or section you have written. If you have just started the college and have no idea what to write in an assignment, the best option for you is to take assistance from assignment writing services. After writing the whole article, make the necessary changes.


We conclude by saying that anyone can overcome the fear of a blank slate with the help of a regime, self-discipline, and conditioned reflexes. Don’t be afraid of a blank slate, it happens to everyone. So don’t overthink it and follow the above tips.