Pakistan Cargo Service in Dubai With Door To Door Delivery

Pakistan Cargo

Pakistan Cargo Service Dubai specializes in handling & shipping excess baggage worldwide. We offer reliable, cost-effective and excellent, yet friendly and reliable worldwide services from all across the Emirates.

Travelling around excess baggage can always be a problem. Pakistan Cargo has been relocating people’s personal belongings and unaccompanied baggage with friendly and reliable environment. With our logistic knowledge and relationships with all major airlines and shipping lines, we are able to offer you a very competitive price. We have created an environment that sending or Relocating excessive baggage will feel like a “posting letter” towards our customers; however, the size scales are, which means we can accommodate all client’s requirements not to mention budgets.

Our professional associates are fully skilled from advising you the correct and effective ways to handle your excess baggage to help you having an excess baggage free travel worldwide. Our friendly advisers & employees are capable of packing, sorting, doing customs clearance (abiding customs procedure), shipped or air freighted and simply deliver it to your desired destination address in Pakistan from Dubai or have it safely stored in one of our agent’s offices for your recipient to collect.

The ADVANTAGES of using Pakistan Sea Cargo Service Limited’s excessive baggage services are:

• You don’t pay excess baggage fees to your airline

• You can avoid waiting in a long queue to check-in

• You can avoid carrying your luggage or sports equipment to and from the airport

• You can avoid the possibility of delay, loss or wrong destination of your baggage

• You can skip the part of waiting in your destination airport for your excess baggage

• And Finally YOU can have your luggage waiting for YOU in a more convenient place to pick up or at your door (whichever service you prefer).

We offer several types of excess baggage services:

• Students Excess Baggage shipping

• Backpackers involving Excess Baggage

• Tourists Excess Luggage

• Passenger’s excess baggage for passengers stranded alone

   with Luggage at Airports

• General Visitors Baggage shipping

• Family Visitors Baggage shipping

• Entrepreneurs Excess Baggage & Entrepreneurs Personal

   luggage shipping

• Entertainer Visitors Excess Baggage Shipping for those who come

   to perform as entertainers

• Sportsperson Luggage Shipping for athletes, coach, official &

   accredited media representatives.

• Business Visitors Excess Baggage Shipping

• Approved Destination Status Agreement Visitors Baggage

• Child Visitors baggage shipping for those visiting/departing

   with children’s excess luggage


If you are ready to have a Professional service for your excess baggage & have a relaxing travel without worrying about carrying & handling your baggage, please contact us for advice and support.

Pakistan Cargo takes pride in offering over 25 years of personalized and high-quality service, in the entire coordination of your shipments.

Our company performs the following, for the benefit of its clients:

Constant communication with trucking companies, terminals, carriers and suppliers, provides a greater service to you (the shipper)

Computerized documentation expedites the process and also eliminates errors, which results in the delay of payment of the transaction.

Pakistan Cargo Services in Ajman pamper you and your shipment, by offering your very competitive rates and the following services.

Free Estimate:

Our Export Coordinator schedules an appointment with the customer to take proper measurements of the shipping belongings and faxes a proposal within 24 hours.

Freight Forwarding:

We place container in front of your house, or you bring your personal effects over to our warehouse. If you are including a vehicle, we require Pink Slip (Ownership Title) 5 days before loading into container. Vehicle has to be loaded at our facilities, in order to comply with the shipping regulations.

Complete shipment coordination:

We make the booking with the shipping company, fax Dock Receipt/Booking Confirmation to all parties involved. Coordinate with trucking company and follow up until container has been delivered at port in Karachi.

Complete Shipment Documentation:

We prepare and submit Shippers Export Declaration, Bill of Lading Instructions, based on the information received from shipper, upon loading container. Once we receive the original set of bills of lading (3 originals and 6 non-negotiable copies) we courier it to the shipper or consignee, depending what the instructions may be. (On our account) We also prepare Packing List, if shipper handwrites it.


We provide free advising so the shipment may be effected cost efficiently as well as problem free.

Special Services:

In order to provide our customers with a speedy service, we offer the following:

Marine Cargo Insurance (Air/Ocean)

Freight-rate quotes (from any U.A.E Point to anywhere in the Pakistan.

Booking shipments

Preparation / faxing dock receipt and/or booking confirmation to all parties involved.

Shipment coordination with suppliers, manufacturers, trucking companies.

Complete shipment documentation

Authentication / legalization of documents by the Consulates/Embassies.