What is the Pelotan and Its Benefits


We have joined forces with Spot the Dot to launch Faster than Skin cancer; a campaign to raise awareness of melanoma and other types of skin damage in outdoor sports.

Our mission is to protect every outdoor athlete from the sun and so at the very core of our business is an absolute passion for training, racing, and recovering outdoors, but exposure to the sun is unavoidable. We work closely with athletes of all levels to ensure unprotected sun exposure does not damage performance, recovery, and enjoyment but it is vital to recognize the longer-term risks posed by melanoma and other types of skin cancer. We are delighted to support the Faster Than Skin cancer campaign and share a vision with Spot the Dot to encourage and enable people to enjoy being outdoors in a safe way, whilst being confident how to ‘spot the dots’ on their skin and tackle any issues early and effectively.

Marije from Spot The Dot says: “Each year more and more people are diagnosed with melanoma and other types of skin cancer – in fact, it is in the top 3 most common types of cancer amongst young adults but most people do not know that with early detection, chances of survival are almost 100%.

We love nothing more than being outdoors and enjoying the sun, whether cycling, running, surfing, skiing, or any other type of outdoor pursuit but we want to ensure that people can experience this joy without problems down the line; I launched the foundation after treatment on melanoma myself so I know the risks very well. As a high-performance sun protection brand that is designed to enable sportspeople to get proper protection with minimum discomfort, it makes perfect sense for us to work with Pelotan and try to raise awareness among the outdoor sports community. We want to bring down the number of newly diagnosed skin cancer patients, we want to be Faster than Skin cancer!”

As part of the campaign, we will be sharing best practices, running competitions for limited edition products, and telling the stories of amazing outdoor athletes from around the world.

Peloton is high-performance sun protection designed specifically to improve performance, maximize comfort and allow athletes around the world to avoid costly sunburn.

Since 2018 we have worked with Grand Tour Winners, Olympic Gold

Medallists, IRONMAN World Champions and multiple World, European and National Champions across Cycling and Triathlon, firmly establishing Pelotan as the choice of elite performers around the world.

Whatever your sport, Pelotan provides maximum protection whilst enabling peak performance – from sunrise to sunset.

The most effective solution for athletes to prevent damage from UV radiation is to apply long-lasting, broad-spectrum sun protection that is both waterproof and breathable.

Pelotan is once a day sun protection, allowing you to focus your energy where it really counts without the risk of long-term skin damage.

Pelotan is an alcohol-based spray that is clear, quickly absorbed, lightweight sun protection and breathable. It has been laboratory tested as lasting up to 8 hours at SPF 30, even with sweat. It offers broad-spectrum protection against both UVA and UVB rays (blocking 97% of the latter, which causes sunburn).

Exposure to the sun is unavoidable in cycling; whether it be on training rides, sportives, trips around the park with the family, one-day races, commutes, stage races, jollies, or grand tours – whatever level and whatever discipline you ride, part of the joy of cycling is being outdoors in nature, but it is important to protect your skin all year round. Failing to adequately protect skin from UV radiation has a genuine impact on short-term performance as well as the body’s ability to recover effectively between efforts.

Pelotan is high-performance sun protection designed specifically to improve performance, maximize comfort and allow cyclists around the world to avoid costly sunburn. Trusted by World Tour teams, Olympic Champions and some of the most iconic riders of all time, Pelotan is once-a-day sun protection, allowing cyclists to stay in the saddle longer, perfecting those ultra-sharp tan lines from sunrise to sunset.

We passionately believe that it is important to adopt a proper sun care routine in order to avoid skin damage, which can impair training, overall performance, recovery and cause serious health problems. Starting in

2020 we are delighted to be the Official Sun Protection Supplier of British

Cycling and Great Britain Cycling Team to raise awareness of sun protection in cycling and work at every level of the sport to provide high-performance solutions and use lightweight sun protection.