Things you should know about Phoebe Adele Gates

Phoebe Adele gates

Who does not know about the kind-hearted billionaire Bill Gates? But do you know about her younger daughter, Phoebe Adele gates? She is known for her smile that seeks the attention of many.

She is more like her father, whose passion is to change the world. She is often found in charitable events where she does a lot for the needy peoples and never steps back from helping them. Read this article, and know the facts about Phoebe Adele gates that every fan should know.

Personal & Education Life:

Phoebe Adele Gates took birth on 14 November 2002, Washington State USA and her zodiac sign is Virgo. Although she is very close to her family, especially her father, she is quite passionate about her work.

Phoebe also completed her primary education from the same school where her elder brother used to go to Julliard School at Lincoln Center Plaza. As of now, she is studying at Professional Children’s School in New York City. She has a great personality, due to which many of the people started following her. Her parents don’t like to share even the single of their child life with the media. Her parents always wanted their child’s life to be kept private, due to which you won’t find much about the phoebe gates.

She is also a good dancer from childhood and is presently getting training from the American Ballet at the famous Lincoln Center. Apart from dancing, she also loves writing and listening to music, so we can assume that she might change into Hollywood.

As everyone knows, bill gates have decided to give all his earnings to the charitable trust, and his family did not object to this decision. Bills always want their kids to earn their living and get well settled in life independently without any support of their father’s wealth.

She Had a Strict Upbringing

Being the child of the wealthiest person, many people may think that phoebe adele gates might be having a collection full of expensive advanced gadgets. But it’s not like her father didn’t give her enough freedom as he didn’t allow her kids to own a mobile phone before the age of 14. Moreover, they are also not allowed to use the phone during dinner. As per the recent interview, it has been found that he didn’t allow her child to use the mobile phone overnight so as to make sure that they sleep and wake up in a timely manner. Apart from the household work, she also earns her living. Moreover, Bill Gates takes her youngest daughter to show the struggles and ask her to contribute towards the charity’s positive initiative.

She Is a Trained Ballerina

Dancing is the passion of phoebe Adele gates; she is too much into dancing from her childhood she has a dreaming of becoming the professional ballerina. Apart from taking education from the professional children’s school in New York City, she also loves to go to the art classes at the school of American ballet. Moreover, she also shares the video dancing with her father, which shows how close she is to her father.

She is a good reader.

Apart from dancing, she is also a good reader. She loves reading new books and she also had a great collection of books on her bookshelf. In addition, she and her father both love reading books.

Phoebe Adele Gates Net Worth

Can you imagine she is just 18 and earns a net worth of $10 million. There was no contribution of her father, Bill Gates. She earned her living with her dedication and effort in this net worth. Yet, it is still not known from where she earns such a huge income.

Phoebe Adele Gates relationship status

She is just 18 years old, she is currently single, and she is far from these still. As of now, Phoebe Adele gates always focused on her education and life goals. She follows her father and has the same level of dedication towards life just like her father.


Now, in the end, we can say that Phoebe Adele Gates is quite ambitious towards her goals, just like her father. She has an attractive smile with several dreams, and her whole life is going to be much better full of success and achievements.

Several people are waiting for her career decision; after all, she is the daughter of the famous business tycoon Bill Gates, and there are several people for whom they are idols. Also, you can find her on Instagram, but as usual, she wishes to keep everything private if you need to be lucky enough if your follow request gets accepted. She deeply respects her parents and always respects the decision taken by them. She is not just ambitious, but she is the perfect example of the best daughter.