Power Upgrades for BMW


BMW’s are fantastic machines with nearly any room for importance. BMW’s have always been famous for its legendary design, unparalleled engineering, and unbeatable performance. Still, some enthusiastic BMW owners are hungry for more. Upgrading a BMW can really unleash its true potential. Stock BMW’s are designed for everyday driving. If you’re looking to get your BMW upgraded, the first step would be to determine what area you should start with. Below we list some areas where you can focus on to truly unleash the power of your BMW. 

ECU Remap

Modern vehicles are technologically advanced. Having a tweak at their technology-related parts should be your first step. Your BMW’s ECU (engine control unit) can be fine-tuned. The original settings are usually done, keeping in mind the average driver experience. Nowadays, several professionals offer remapping services that can greatly increase the performance and efficiency of your ride. If you drive a BMW M140i like me, try searching for BMW M140i Remap to find ECU remapping professionals near you. If done right an ECU remap can give your BMW’s engine the extra kick needed to boost its performance.

Cold Air Intake

Replace your stock intake system with a cold air intake system. An aftermarket cold air intake system can greatly increase the power of our BMW. Air sucked in from the intake system is mixed with the fuel in your car’s engine. The fuel and air mixture are then combusted, and that combustion is what accelerates your car. Adding a cold air intake system will help draw colder denser air into the engine. Denser air being more oxygenated provides much better combustion. This system is installed on the outside of the engine compartment to get a big cold gush of air.

Exhaust Systems

Once you’ve decided to go for a cold air intake system, adding an exhaust system becomes necessary. Both these modifications work best when coupled together. Intake and the exhaust system are like the lungs in the human body. The intake system breathes the air in and the exhaust system breathes it out. So, if you’ve only upgraded your stock intake system to a cold air intake, consider it a job half done. Your car’s exhaust system should be able to match the performance of your intake system for a better boost. The upgraded exhaust system should allow for an efficient and clear escape path for the burnt air and fuel mixture.


You might be wondering why would you need to add performance suspensions BMW. After all, you won’t be taking your car for off-roading. Well, suspensions aren’t just for off-roading. The suspension in your BMW is what makes your car feel and ride smoothly and with stability at high speeds. Having an aftermarket suspension added to your BMW can greatly increase its performance, road grip, and handling on curves. It also helps your car accelerate quickly and stop in a jiffy. Performance suspensions also add rigidity to your ride overall feel.