Property taxes and Your Smart Options

Only owners are liable for property tax, including for the accommodation they rent out. There is often a tax for household waste collection. Date and method of payment, possible exemptions or reductions everything you need to know.

The Property Tax Is Due By the Owners

Only owners are liable for property tax on properties built on account of their residences main and secondary, just like for the accommodation they rent out. In addition, land other than that forming a building dependency is subject to property tax on non-built properties. If you own building land or agricultural property, you will receive a separate tax notice. However, many exceptions exist, as well as specific allowances. For California property tax assessment this is most essential.

The Property Tax Is Established For the Current Year

The property tax is established according to your situation on January 1 of the year (January 1, 2021 for the 2021 property tax). If you have just bought your apartment or house and were not an owner last year, you will not have to pay anything in principle this year. Conversely, if you sold your property at the beginning of the year, the tax will be established in your name for the entire year.

However, in either case, it is probable that the deed of sale will have provided for a distribution between the buyer and the seller in proportion to the number of days on which each has effectively been the owner.

Like the housing tax, the property tax is calculated on the basis of the rental value of the accommodation; but this value is only retained for half, in order to take into account the specific costs that you bear as the owner: management, maintenance, repair, insurance, etc.

When Do We Have To Pay The Property Tax?

The property tax must be paid within the deadline indicated on the tax notice sent at the end of the summer that is to say until October 15 or until October 20, 2021, depending on the means of payment chosen.

You have until:

  • October 15 if you pay in cash, by check, interbank payment order or transfer to a tobacconist or partner approved by the general directorate of public finances;
  • October 20, midnight if you pay online the debit will be taken from your bank account on October 25.

Please note, when the amount of tax is greater than $ 300, you must pay online or by direct debit on the due date. If you have chosen maturity debit, your tax will be automatically deducted on October 25. You can still subscribe to this means of payment by going to your private area on the site before September 30. If you have received your notice by post and it includes a direct debit enrollment stub, all you have to do is return the enrollment stub to your cash register before October 15. Your subscription to maturity debit for this year also applies to subsequent years. You will no longer have to worry about paying your property taxes in the future: it will be automatic.

What Sanction In The Event Of Late Payment?

You will have a penalty of 10% of the tax due. The penalty applies if you have not paid your tax within 45 days of the date of collection.

Who Can Be Exempting From Property Tax?

Elderly or disabled people with low incomes may be fully exempt from property tax for their main residence. This exemption is granted as of right. To benefit from it, you must be in one of the following situations:

  • Hold the solidarity allowance for the elderly or the supplementary disability allowance
  • Be the holder of the allowance for disabled adults or be over 75 years of age on January 1, 2021, and have a 2020 reference tax income below the following ceilings set by the State:

This exemption also applies to the secondary residence of taxpayers over the age of 75 whose income does not exceed the threshold indicated above.