How to Recover Deleted Emails from Gmail After 30 Days? A Tutorial

recover deleted gmail emails after 30 days

Learn how to recover deleted emails from Gmail after 30 days using the tutorials mentioned in this blog. Losing emails from Gmail even from the trash folder is not an ideal situation for any user.

You definitely know that the emails that are deleted from the inbox are stored in the trash for 30 days. After being deleted from there, these emails become permanently or hard deleted as there are no manual methods to get them back.

But, these permanently deleted emails are stored in Google’s server for 60 days.

Yes, this is just in case someone needs to get these emails back before they actually become irrecoverable. You can recover deleted Gmail emails after 30 days by doing a few things and following some steps.

But before that, you should understand that you may not get these emails back even if you apply some workarounds. Once gone, there are no or less chances of retrieving these emails.

It is a suggestion from experts that you take a regular back up of your mailbox. You better not get into a situation where you have or are on the verge of losing important data.

Read further to find out how to take regular backup.

Wizard for Backup to Overcome How to Recover Deleted Emails from Gmail after 30 Days

If you have lost your emails and are now regretting not having a backup of them, then stop. There is no point in going crazy over something that is not in your hands anymore. Think about the emails that are still in your mailbox. Do you not want to keep them safe?

Here, we have brought an amazing tool for you to use for keeping your emails someplace safe in your local device itself. How? Just use this simple and user-friendly software – Gmail Backup Tool Mac.

How does this tool help?

It is capable of exporting all of your data in bulk to your computer at the location of your choice. This tool offers various features, learn these below.

Features of the Tool

  • You can download the backup of emails from Gmail on Mac OS X
  • Gmail emails can be exported in PST, MBOX, EML, EMLX, and MSG formats
  • The application downloads attachments from emails during the process
  • It is possible to archive specific emails using the “Date Filter”
  • Choose to pause and resume the backup process as required
  • This wizard has no issues in maintaining the folder structure and the data integrity
  • Use the “Delete After Download” option to regain the storage space

These being mentioned, let’s now check out how the tool works.

Get Over How to Recover Deleted Emails from Gmail after 30 Days Issue

  1. Download the tool and run it. Sign in to your Gmail account and hit “Log in” button.
login credentials
  1. Now, turn on the radio button next to EML. Click on the “Change” button to navigate the final location of the resultant file.
change destination location
  1. You have to choose the “Apply Filters” option and select the time period of the emails that you want to download.
apply filters
  1. Next, make sure you select the “Delete after Download” button to delete the data from your mailbox once you have exported the emails.
delete after download
  1. Lastly, to complete the backup process, hit the “Start” button.
start export process

In just few clicks, you will have a backup of your mailbox saved in your desired location in your local computer.

Now, in case you want to recover the permanently deleted files, you can do so by following the steps in the next segment.

Recover Deleted Gmail Emails after 30 Days

As mentioned above, the emails that are deleted and gone from the trash folder are saved in Google’s server for 60 days. These emails can be retrieved by filling out the form and asking the Google Support Team for the lost data. You can do the following to contact Google for assistance:

  1. Try to Contact Google Support Team

Such a scenario is made when you have accidently deleted your emails and sent them to trash but are also gone from there.

You need to contact the Google Support Team to recover the permanently deleted emails. For that, you have to visit Google’s missing email web page and fill the form.

Enter all the details giving an explanation of your problem i.e. how to recover deleted emails from Gmail after 30 days, in the form.

  • Visiting the Missing Email Webpage

In case you have bulk messages n your trash folder and have not cleared them since a long time, you can search from the emails. There is an in-built search option provided by Gmail to find the mail that you want.

Go to “Trash Folder” and enter the keyword from the emails you’re looking for. This can help you easily find the email from the trash folder.

Brief Note

It is not guaranteed that you will get your emails back even after seeking assistance from Google. This is why it is the most recommended option to take a regular backup of your mailbox.

There is no surety that your emails are always safe. Even if you do not lose your messages by deleting them, there are other situations like virus attacks, hacking, and many more. These can make your data corrupt or you to lose the important emails leading you to again find solutions to retrieve the messages.

Use the backup software for Mac and recover the emails on Mac OS 10.8, 10.9, and above versions.