Remote Desktop and Phone Monitoring Software

Phone Monitoring Software

Have you ever used monitoring software for your computer or mobile phone? If not, you have missed an amazing technology. In this article, we have discussed the worthiness of the best monitoring software for desktop computers and mobile phones. It enables the user to keep track of the digital devices without taking them into possession. Parents and employers can take advantage of the software to supervise computer and cell phone activities of their children and workers. Read on to know how this software works and why it is worth buying.

Remotely Tracker Software for Computer and Phone

TheOneSpy offers the most advanced tracking solution for desktop and laptop computers running Windows and MAC operating systems. You can keep tabs on the online and offline activities of your offspring and workforces by getting their digital devices installed with this software. Given are the features of the computer tracker software that explain its usefulness in child and employee monitoring.

Android mobile phones can be remotely operated and supervised with the help of this software. You can monitor almost every activity performed on the targeted smartphone without having access. Given are core features of the computer, mac, and cell phone spy app of TheOneSpy.

Screen Recording

Do you want to see what your kids or workers are doing on their computer systems in real-time? The high-tech surveillance software lets you witness and capture whatever appears on the computer of your concerned person. By sending remote commands through the online portal of the spy software you can send directly to the targeted device to start screen recording. It records computer activities in the form of short videos and uploads them to the online spy portal. You can also take screenshots to capture the computer screen with a certain interval.

SMS & Call Recording

The messages stored on the targeted Android and iPhone get uploaded to the online portal of the app. The android tracker software also records phone calls to let you listen to the incoming and outgoing calls of your target. It allows blocking calls from unwanted numbers as well.

Location Tracking

The iPhone monitoring app keeps you informed of the current location of your object. You can prevent your concerned ones from unassigned and unsafe visits by tracking their GPS location.

Surround Recording

The software lets you know what is happening in the surrounding of the targeted device. By turning on the camera of the traced computer you can see and record the activities in the vicinity of that device.


The strokes made to the keyboard of the target computer get recorded by the spy software. It lets you access the credentials of online accounts operated on the target device.

Monitor & Manage Internet

You can access the internet browsing history of the desktop computer including the history of Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. You can also manage internet access by blocking unwanted websites through their URLs, category, or keywords.

Check Out Social Media

The activities performed on widely used social media apps like Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Tumblr, and Tinder can be supervised with android surveillance software. The popular instant messengers like WhatsApp, IMO, Line, Skype, Kik, and Telegram can also be watched out with this app.

Remote Control Apps

The apps installed on the targeted mobile device can be controlled without access. You can block, unblock, and uninstall unwanted apps without having access.

Remote Control MIC & Camera

The app lets you control cameras and microphones of the targeted device to capture the surrounding scenes and sounds. You can secretly and remotely listen to the talks of the object and can record actions in the form of photos, videos, and voice recordings.

TOS Navigator App

You can control the targeted mobile phone by operating the spy app right from your personal mobile device. Without logging into the online portal, you can run the spy app by getting your mobile phone installed with the TOS navigator app.

There is more you can do using the remote monitoring software for windows computers and mobile phones.