How to Remove Screen Locks From Android Devices 2020

Remove Screen Locks From Android Devices

Nowadays we all know that the Android operating system is the world’s most famous and useful Mobile phone operating system. There are billions of users all around the world who prefer to use this operating system with their devices. But some time we face many of the problems in Android during the use of this. The main and most popular problem of this operating system is the Screen locks and the FRP locks. If any user places any kind of screen lock with their phone and if the user forgets the lock. So at this time, the user has to flash the phone or change its software. For the flashing of a phone, the flashers pay a lot of money for that. But today in this post we are going to show you some simple methods which help you to simply remove the FRP locks and screen locks from your phone free of cost.

For this method, we need a software named Android Fastboot Reset Tool which is a free software help us to remove the screen locks from the android Phones. You can also use this software to do many other efforts with your phone. To remove the FRP Lock from the phones we also get the help of this tool. The Android Fastboot Reset Tool can have a simple interface with some of the Features.

Here are the steps which help you to Remove the Screen locks and FRP locks from your phone.

  • First of all, just download and install the software on your PC
  • Put Your Phone on the Fastboot Mode by Pressing the Vol Down Key + Power Key at the same time.
  • Connect your phone with the PC.
  • Open the Software.
  • Check that your phone is connected properly with the PC.
  • For this Connect the Phone and Click key 1 and press enter button from your keyboard.
  • If your phone is connected properly so the software shows all the basic information about your phone.
  • If you wish to remove the Pattern Lock form your phone so simply connect your phone with the PC. Open the Android Fast boot Reset Tool and press 2 and enter. Wait for some time the software popup when your phones Screen lock is removed successfully.

To Remove the Frp from your phone Connect your phone and type key 9 and press enter. To remove the FRP Lock from the Xiomi phones press A and then enter. The key 0 belongs to Qualcomm FRP. To remove the FRP lock from any of the HTC Mobile phone devices you have to just put the phone in the FastBoot Mode and connect it with the PC Open Fastboot Reset Tool and the Key H belongs to HTC so press H key and then enter.

Here in this post, we show you the entire step which helps you to easily remove the screen locks and FRP locks form the Android phones. You just have to download the Android FastBoot Reset Tool from its Official site.