Rent an Apple Macbook pro

Rental of a MacBook Pro: what should you look out for?

Most people who rent a MacBook Pro are looking for a laptop whose processor capacity is high enough to mount on it and other work that could not be performed on a ‘normal’ laptop. On you will find the rental companies that rent out MacBook Pro laptops. Note which version you rent: there are several MacBook Pros that do not all have the same version of OS. You can rent the MacBook Pro with a 15 “or 17” screen, depending on the purposes for which you want to rent an Apple laptop. The processor also differs per MacBook Pro. All things to look out for if you are not sure which Apple MacBook Pro you want to rent. Do you have no idea what requirements you need for what you want to do with the rented laptop? Then you can safely inform the rental company of your choice about this.

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Nothing is as annoying as a slow Mac and a regularly running beach ball setup screen. With every software update, new options are added and optimizations are implemented. Eventually, the pinnacle is reached and the Mac no longer meets the system requirements.

If you own a Mac with minimal system requirements, you will notice that the Mac gets slower over time. This can have several causes. Old age plays a major role, applications and macOS themselves demand more and more from your Mac. Factors such as the hard disk, memory and used storage are also important.

Make a slow mac faster

Using the tips below it is possible to speed up a slow mac again, these are free solutions that may offer some improvement.

Disable graphic elements

System Preferences ▸ Accessibility ▸ Display. Then switch on the options ‘Reduce movement’ and ‘Reduce transparency’. This disables the transparency of the windows and animations so that macOS does not always have to calculate this.

An effect that demands a lot from your Mac is Spirit from the bottle ‘. This is the effect that is activated when you minimize a window to the Dock. This effect requires a lot of macOS and is best replaced. You do this via  ▸ System Preferences ▸ Dock ▸ Minimize windows with effect ▸ Select the sliding scale option here.

Disable widgets in the Message Center

The widgets in the message center are nice but are constantly updated so that you can immediately see the results in the message center. It does not mean that you have to disable all widgets, but take a look at which ones you hardly use. You can disable them via  ▸ System Preferences ▸ Extensions ▸ Today ▸ Disable the widgets that you no longer want.

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