Resolve QuickBooks Has Stopped Working

How to Resolve QuickBooks Has Stopped Working

If you are also searching around to get the answer to why the Quickbooks has stopped working. Then, you are at a safe place since in this guide we will provide all the answers to this question. So, just believe in us and follow the full guide that will help you to explore more about Quickbooks.

Well, you might come across the error text while opening Quickbooks that says Quickbooks has stopped working or not responding. In spite of this, you also realize the computer gets frozen and becomes unresponsive to all the commands. All these nuisances occurred due to some causes. With the list provided in the next section, we will learn about these causes.

Reasons that cause Quickbooks has stopped working

The error arises in the system due to some common reasons that include the list below. We have to remove all these factors from the troubleshooting.

  • Damaged and corrupted windows operating system.
  • Corruption within the hard drive and damaged program files.
  • Furthermore, low system resources can also bring the issue.
  • If the user is having a missing or damaged QBWUSER.INI file.
  • Another reason could be the size of the company file. If it is too long then it can hinder you with the error issue.
  • Damaged Quickbooks files and corrupted Quickbooks installation are other factors that trigger the error.

Identification of Quickbooks stopped working

Whenever the error occurs we are indicated about this through some signs and symptoms. In this section, we are going to learn those signs that usually tell us that the system is being corrupted with the error.

  • Shutting down of the system.
  • Encountering repeated shutdowns and freezes.
  • The system becomes unresponsive to inputs.
  • Cannot access the Quickbooks application.
  • Encountering frequents error message

Issues arising with Quickbooks has stopped Working

There are several issues that the user may encounter while the error occurrence. With the list below, we can get to know each one of them.

Quickbooks Installation ErrorQuickbooks Freezing UpQuickbooks Not Working
Sync Manager Not WorkingQuickbooks has Stopped Working in Multi-UserQB won’t Open
Quickbooks Multi-User Mode Not WorkingQuickbooks is Not OnlineQuickbooks Backup Not Working
QB not OpeningQuickbooks Not RespondingQB not Opening

Ways to resolve Quickbooks has stopped working

While trying out these solutions just keep your eyes on the error issue and try to check whether it is resolved or not. If it is not resolved then only carry on with the further solutions.

Now let’s dive into the solutions that needed to be performed carefully.

Solution 1: Download and Use Quickbooks Refresher

With the use of the Quickbooks refresher tool, we can achieve the target of removing the error issue. Follow the steps below to have smooth working in Quickbooks.

  • The first thing that you need to do is to close the Quickbooks software.
  • Try to download the Quickbooks Refresher tool.
  • Save the file on the PC.
  • Once done with the download, press the run option to make the tool run.
  • Indeed, the error will automatically diagnose the issue.
  • Lastly, you only have to launch the QB and check whether the problem is solved or not.

Solution 2: Run and Use Quick Fix my Program

This is another giant tool of Quickbooks tool hub which can be easily used to fix the error. So use the tool with the steps provided below:

  • Proceed with the solution by closing Quickbooks.
  • After that try to download the Quickbooks tool hub file.
  • And save the file where you can find it easily.
  • Now launch the downloaded file
  • Follow the on-screen guidelines to install and agree to the terms and conditions.
  • Once done with all these steps, double-click on the icon to launch the tool.
  • Nowthe user needs to open the Quickbooks tool hub and select the program problems.
  • Moving on, choose quick fix my program.
  • Just open the Quickbooks and the data file.

Solution 3: Run Quickbooks Install Diagnostic Tool

Quickbooks Install Diagnostic resolves any kind of installation error. In the causes, we have read about how the corrupt installation leads to this issue. So, fix it soon with the help of these steps:

  • The first thing that the user needs to do is to open the Quickbooks tool hub.
  • Opt for the installation issue.
  • Tap on the Quickbooks install diagnostic tool.
  • The tool will automatically find and resolve the issue.

Solution 4: Try to Create a New Windows User

In this solution, the user requires to create a new window user. With the steps below you can do it easily.

  • Start the process by visiting the start button.
  • Then open the control panel.
  • Select add or remove user accounts link.
  • If the manage accounts dialog box appears then click on create a new account.
  • Enter the account name and choose to create an admin account.
  • In the end, tap on the create account button.
  • Now the procedure is done and you just need to verify the error.

Solution 5: Use Quickbooks System Repair Tool

If you still did not get success in resolving the error issue then move on to this solution and use the Quickbooks system repair tool to rectify it.

  • The first and foremost step that you need to do is download the Quickbooks repair tool.
  • Try to save the file in a local folder.
  • Now shut down all the running or existing programs.
  • Then install the tool.
  • The tool will take around 20 minutes to detect the issue with the scanning process.
  • Once done, the user needs to restart the system.

Solution 6: If the error comes after Windows 10 Update

This solution is for the user who meets the error issue after the installation of the Windows 10 update. So, if you are one among them then must try out this solution as it can be a major cause that brings disturbance to your software.

  • First of all, move towards the control panel.
  • Opt for the windows firewall.
  • Now choose the advanced settings and also outbound rules.
  • Tap on the new rule tab and choose the program checkbox.
  • In this step, hit the next tab.
  • This followed by checking the program path and copy the location of Quickbooks.
  • Click on the block the connection and select public, private, or domain checkboxes.
  • Try to rename then hit the finish tab.

Solution 7: Run Clean Install of Quickbooks Desktop

This tool is used for the renaming purpose of the old install folder. With this tool, the user can access the software and add new install files after the reinstall gets over.

  • First of all, the user needs to access the Quickbooks tool hub.
  • After that choose the installation issues.
  • Now select the clean install tool and hit the OK button.
  • Moving on, select the Quickbooks version and product version.
  • In the next step, press the continue button.
  • Once done with the above steps, choose the OK button when you receive the message that states please install the copy of Quickbooks to the default location.

Solution 8: Provide a new name to the QBWUSER.INI file

  • With this solution, you can definitely fix the internal problems of the system.
  • First of all, try to rename the QBWUSER.INI files.
  • Secondly, rename the EntitlementDatastore.ecml file.

Solution 9: Disable Antivirus

As we all know that antivirus and antimalware can lead to obstructions to the linking path. So, we try out this method and disable antivirus to have a smooth workflow.

  • The user needs to first restart the system.
  • If the error still appears then try to disable the antivirus.
  • With the help of an IT expert, you can move to further operation. It would be better if you take it seriously to lower the further risk.

Solution 10: Access the File from a different location

This is the last solution that you can perform. Moving on to this only if the above would not provide you the results.

  • Start the procedure by pressing the Windows + E keys together.
  • A new open window will pop up on the screen.
  • Then try to spot the data file with the .qbw extension.
  • After that, perform a right-click on the file and choose the copy option.
  • In this step, navigate to the C: drive.
  • Moving on try to create a new folder.
  • Now you need to rename the folder as QBTEST.
  • Try to access the new folder and paste the file in it.
  • Proceed with open Quickbooks by holding CTRL-key.
  • Once done choose the open or restore an existing company.
  • In the last step, open the QBTEST folder and verify if the error persists.

Last Verdict!

There are easy-to-carry solutions that will surely resolve the error. But if the error still haunting you then try to contact the Intuit support number and take guidance from the experts in this field. They will securely help you in this tragedy.