SEO and Business Analytics Help Pick Pace in User Data Intelligence

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For years, we have kept Search Engine Optimization or SEO capability out of purview of business analytics. However, things have changed in the last five to six years with the improvements in the field of website marketing, social media advertising and mobile app intelligence. SEO, today, works in tandem with top business analytics courses in Delhi in order to expand the scope of deep learning in data science, data engineering and business intelligence.

Let’s understand how SEO and Business Analytics actually sync together to keep any website up and running.

Website analytics is a key focus area for a majority of online marketing and advertising teams around the globe. Without understanding how website analytics work, it is hard to make decisions for your business, especially if your core business areas pertain to selling goods and services online. SEO, for that matter, becomes an extremely important factor for business analysts from the point of view of marketing strategies and lead generation for sales and revenue.

3 Pillars of Web-based Business Analytics

The three pillars of website marketing that align with any modern business analytics program involve:

  • Website data/audience data
  • Social media user data
  • App data

Business Analytics Training Actually Makes SEO Work like a Magic and Vice-versa

It is impossible to dissociate SEO and content management from business analytics. In fact, top business analytics courses in Delhi specifically encourage the students online to take up projects that provide exposure in the fields of SEO, Content marketing and advertising. For example, 33% of the current batches of business analytics work on Big Data projects related to Netflix’s Recommendation Engines, FACEBOOK’s social media filtering, and Amazon Prime’s product reviews page optimization. 9 out of 10 projects in business analytics are likely to build out a dashboard for the understanding of SEO in global trending domains related to popular keywords like AI Machine Learning, Data Science, and Robotics.

In recent years, we have witnessed the rise of customer data management platforms (CDPs) that have enabled marketers to associate the above mentioned data points with their CRM pipeline. These data points play a very important role in differentiating user behaviour in one channel compared to others. This is particularly visible in channels where users are more likely to interact with products and services on the website compared to social media. For example, the user behaviour could be analysed by analysts using data extracted from the website of a top news outlet or media website, or an e-commerce site.

Without understanding SEO benchmarks, it is impossible to bring this volume of customer data to CRMs and therefore, lead to failure of business analytics database that so much depend on the first party data sources. These data sources could be further built out to support Marketing and Lead gen teams by virtue of landing pages, banners, sales contacts, reviews and product recommendations page. Something that top businesses do, such as, Facebook, Apple, Reliance Jio and Daily Mail.