Setting Wellbeing Goals for a Healthier Life

Sleep promises wellbeing and enhances life quality. It is something that keeps us on our feet, helps establish peace of mind, aids our health. Let’s see how a good quality sleep benefits us. Sleep provides and promotes —

  1. Healthier brain function.
  2. Better bone strength.
  3. Lesser blood pressure and B.P related problems.
  4. Lower chances of diabetes.
  5. No weight gain.
  6. Lesser usage of medication.
  7. Better cardiovascular health and what not!

Seep plays the pivotal role when it comes to our healthy lifestyle and overall wellbeing.

Sleep in Old Age

Getting restful sleep is difficult for seniors. People over 65 tend to sleep light, and often suffer from sleep related health issues, such as chronic back pain, neck pain, knee pain etc. Falling asleep too, is a hard process for them, therefore, they tend to seek refuge in sleeping pills. Even regular consumption of sleeping pills often keeps them from sound sleep.

There are also mattresses that play a huge role in the seniors’ sleeping process. They might prove to be either their boon or curse, depending on choices. Getting the right mattress for your old woman will help her sleep better and provide proper support everywhere, whereas, a wrong mattress can lead to several sleep related injuries. There are so many different mattresses in the markets. Choosing the right one could be stressful. There was a time when there was no or very few availability of a larger range of mattresses in this part of the world. But today, with the help of the internet and fantastic technology, it has become very efficient for the Indian buyers to get the right mattress in India.

Choose the Right Mattress for Your Parents

Comfort and support come before everything when you choose a product for seniors. Same should be done with mattresses, so here are some points that you can refer to in times of need —

  • When you’re buying a new mattress for the old, take their physical condition in consideration. If they suffer from back, neck, shoulder, knee or any kind of pain, then a foam mattress can be good for them. Whatever the sleeper’s bodyweight may be, these mattresses can hold it. Seniors who like to sleep hot, can get comfortable with this product as they absorb less body heat. Side and back sleepers may find this product more effective, but they are a big no-no for stomach sleepers.
  • Get a mattress which has copper infused foam layers. These products are tested to keep the sleeper’s spinal position straight. They also contain extra cushioning made of convoluted polyfoam. They have a comfortable surface with minimum sagging issues. Seniors with poor blood circulation can get a lot of help with these mattresses. They are good for back as well as side sleepers.
  • For those who want to go traditional, innerspring mattresses are perfect for them. They consist of coils and springs that allow the mattress to stay fluffy yet firm. The person will not sag at all. They are good for all kinds of sleepers and can hold a lot of weight. Their heat absorption is less compared to other mattresses which allows the sleeper to stay warm.

Your old people deserve the best. Be kind and help them with the right things.