Some Best Way to Celebrate Diwali with your Special One

Some Best Way to Celebrate Diwali with your Special One

The festival of Diwali is celebrated in India and abroad with immense glory and grandeur. Marked across five days, one gets to witness the different bright and lovely variety of diyas, crackers, and much more. It is a festival of victory of good over evil and light over darkness. Make your joyful celebration even more bright and vibrant by sending your warmest and heartiest wishes to your near and dear ones in the form of Diwali gifts. This year, do you want to celebrate this Diwali with your loved ones in a different way? If yes, this article will surely help you to do this. In this, we have discussed some fantastic ways which are very useful for you to make this Diwali joyful So, let’s start it.

Organize a Competition

Yes, crackers may be enjoyable, but they also lead to an increase in pollution. Well, we have a solution.  You can organize competitions both for children as well as elders. Some games, such as rangoli competition, decoration competitions, are the best way to make this Diwali perfect one.

Spend a Time with Old

Things that you don’t need to give them to underprivileged people like clothes, books, anything that you haven’t used for many years. You can also spend some quality time with them to visit an orphanage and play with kids or listen to the stories of older adults who live in nursing homes. You can also distribute gifts and sweets, spread joy, and spend some happy moments with them.

Make Beautiful Memories With Dear Ones

Diwali is the festival when you can remove your disputes between you and your loved ones. Yes, it is the right time to strengthen your bond with your close one. Take a break from the phone, for a day, and spend time with your dear ones. You can also send Diwali gifts online for your family and relatives to show your love and care if you are away from them. 

Buy a Gift for Yourself

Diwali is a festival when people show their love and care towards near and dear ones. But it is also important to pamper yourself. After all, you are your best friend. So before you think of bringing a smile on another, buy a Diwali gift for yourself. You can buy many things like a phone, a new dress, many more which you like.

Make Beautiful Rangoli

The decoration of Diwali is incomplete without making the beautiful rangoli. People believe that making rangoli on the festival of Diwali brings prosperity and success.  On the festival of Diwali, each house mostly has at least one rangoli resting on its entrance. For those who don’t know what exactly rangoli is, let me explain it to you. It is a colorful design or pattern made on the floor with bright rangoli powder, rice, flour, paints, grains, or chalk. Well, ditch all these materials this time and try flowers. You can even add fancy diyas to enhance the look.

Plan a Trip

Nowadays, people are busy and have no time to spend with family members. But Diwali is the right time when you can make beautiful memories with your family members and relatives. You can organize a family trip this Diwali to spend time with them. It is the best way to make your loved ones happy.

Decor your Home

You can decorate your house with small things like wall hangings, candle-lit lamps, rangoli, and so on. Fill your home with light and color by placing a tea light holder to enhance the decor or a group tray set with little tumblers to serve drinks to your guests. 
If you stay in another city on this Diwali and not be able to celebrate Diwali with your family members and friends, you can send Diwali gifts online in Delhi with your personal touch.