Teaching in a Global Pandemic: Your Must-Have Distance Learning Tools

With ever-changing COVID-19 guidelines in place, school teachers are struggling more and more every day. The biggest challenge so far has been distance learning. For many, it’s a foreign concept that’s tough to grasp.

While some educators have taught online classes before, most have not. If you can relate, it must feel like a whole new world. It’s confusing and frustrating.

You don’t have to face it without any help, though. To better prepare you, here are your must-have distance learning tools.

A Schedule Will Structure Your Day

First: do you have a planner? If you’ve answered, “Yes,” then you’re already ahead of the curve. But if you don’t have one, here’s your sign to fix that!

Not only do planners help keep track of work, but they also enforce effective time management. Use it for due dates, classroom to-dos, and grading reminders.

Connect the Classroom With Social Media Tools

One of the worst parts about distance learning is being outside of the classroom. Without in-person interaction, teaching can feel cold and distant. In our digital age, it doesn’t have to be that way.

Create remote classroom-friendly accounts on apps like Tik Tok or Instagram to interact with students. Facebook groups can keep classes together and serve as a way to hang out. You can even add parents, so they’re involved.

Programs to Take Over Your Workload

Did you know that there are online programs that can take over some of your duties? Not only will they free up some of your time, but they can make your days less stressful.

Online quiz makers, like FlexiQuiz, generate tests and quizzes and take care of the grading. Flashcard makers can serve as excellent memorization tools. Use an online game maker for a fun way to review a lesson.

Use Online Whiteboards for Visual Aids

As a teacher, you must know that each student learns in unique ways. Many are visual learners, but remote learning interferes with this. Provide the best learning experience by including an online whiteboard.

Online whiteboard tools will give the illusion of being in an actual classroom again. This might comfort some students while giving them something engaging to look at.

Programs for Making Video Calls With Students

Remote working means no in-person contact with your students. This is challenging, especially if they need help outside of normal class time. It can even make teaching feel boring.

Turn to programs for video calls, like Zoom or Skype. You can use them for office hours or tutoring sessions. Offer in-person class times via video call for a real classroom experience.

Make Distance Learning a Breeze

With these tools and resources, distance learning won’t be so intimidating anymore. You will be prepared to tackle anything this global pandemic brings to your classroom! You’ll also get to have fun with your students in new ways.

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