The Best Five Types Of Legal Templates To Streamline Legal Work.

Streamline Legal Work
Use These 9 Free Legal Templates to Protect Your Business

If you can commence any project with templates, why start from scratch every time? With legal templates, businesses may standardize operations, lower errors, and increase productivity. Once you’ve created templates according to your tastes, you can modify them to fit the current assignment.

Here Are Five Ways Legal Templates Might Make Your Department More Effective.

1.    Human Error Is Reduced Via Matter Templates.

Not only is manual data entry time-consuming, but it is also exceedingly error-prone. You risk entering data erroneously or omitting crucial information when you start each matter fresh.

Standard needed fields are typically present in matters, but the data that applies to each case differs. Irrespective of the practice area, obsolete corporate legal management capabilities can call for 12 to 14 columns. You can use matter templates to fill in required fields and eliminate unnecessary ones automatically.

2.    Contract Templates Reduce The Amount Of Correspondence Between Sales And Law.

If you are required to draft a contract once, you’ll soon need another one just like it. Save effort by developing pre-approved legal templates rather than requiring sales to return to the law for each new transaction.

Multiple lawyers will inevitably incorporate their particular preferences while preparing contracts. Legal terminology is made consistent by using contract templates. Pre-approved templates hasten the process of creating contracts as well. One won’t start from scratch each time if you have standard legal templates for particular issues or professional relationships, such as non-disclosure contracts.

Of course, there is no requirement that contract templates be universal. Lawyers and salesmen can “plug and play” by selecting and inserting pre-approved clauses from clause libraries that you’ve created. Templates accelerate the negotiation while improving contract lifecycle management effectiveness and reducing conflict between sales and lawyers.

3.    Templates For Billing Guidelines Set Expectations.

What you anticipate from outside legal firms and what they may anticipate from you are outlined in your billing policies. Using templates for billing guidelines, you can clearly state your fundamental demands and preferences for each working partnership. For instance, you may include that each outside law firm you partner with in your billing standards form must provide weekly budget reports.

When used correctly, billing policies can lead to alliances between legal ops and contractors that are advantageous to both parties. However, those collaborations aren’t the result of 200-page, all-inclusive agreements. You must modify your billing policies if one vendor uses Alternative Fee Arrangements (AFAs) and another bill by the hour.

4.    Templates For Invoices Expedite Processing.

Minor formatting differences in invoices can generate confusion and invoicing disputes, which add extra time to the process.

External lawyers won’t need to generate an invoice from scratch every time, so filings and reimbursements happen more quickly when you use invoice templates.

Large companies and outside suppliers can manage bills in one location with the help of many vendor portals. Suppliers have complete access at no additional cost, allowing them to transmit invoices to your staff in the common LEDES template.

5.    Report Templates Offer Spend And Productivity Transparency.

The same kind of data — timekeeper ratios, spend by topic, accrued expenses, etc. — is probably what you report each month. By creating report templates, you can ensure that all your team members can access the same information. Your organization can make better decisions about it, from recruitment requirements to budgetary allocations, with the help of consistent reporting.

Report templates offer instructions on everything, including what information to include and how to display it. Therefore, your team may decide on a reporting system that everyone will understand.


Within many authorities, matter templates can be made and saved. Utilize our integrated document control system to keep and distribute other legal templates, such as your contract clause collections and billing policies.