The Difference Between Vehicle Servicing and Mot

Do you want to know the actual difference between car servicing and the MOT? Are they the same? The difference between the MOT and car service is pretty easy to understand. If you are looking for the same topics mentioned here, this blog will help you know better.

Vehicle Servicing

Vehicle service is also known as vehicle maintenance. In service, mechanics perform various things like replacing the oil filter and air filter, changing the body, changing suspension, replacing an engine, 

checking spark plugs, radiator, and windscreen wiper. But, of course, they perform more functions too. 

Car servicing is done by the mechanics whenever the owner wants. There is no such pressure that servicing is mandatory. You can do it whenever you are free, or your car is not working correctly. Your vehicle can move freely on the road without servicing. It keeps your car reliable, safe, and in perfect condition. Service takes more time than getting an MOT as servicing needs to be done more thoroughly.

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An MOT stands for the Ministry of transport. It is an annual test of your vehicle, which the UK government sets. Your vehicle must pass the minimum eligibility criteria of the trial so that you can drive safely on the road. It is a certificate that tells your vehicle is roadworthy and safe for the driver and passenger.

MOT covers the only safety criteria, not the actual health of the vehicle. In this test, mechanics check the brakes, tyres inflation, lights, wipers, lamps, and the overall body of the car.

An MOT test is mandatory for all vehicles in the UK. If you own a car for three years and haven’t done an MOT test, then you and your car insurance are at risk. As per the criteria, a vehicle with three years of road experience is eligible for an MOT test. 

Around 2 million people fail their MOT test due to simple things such as faulty bulbs, little tyre tread, and less inflation. These factors are too common but can lead you to fail your MOT test.

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Why should you have an MOT or Service?

An MOT certificate is essential to drive your car safely on the road and legally. Here are the three reasons why you should service your car at regular intervals.

  • Performance: Servicing helps your vehicle a lot. You can find the best value for your car. It will increase the overall performance of your car, and you can drive peacefully on the road. Servicing will ensure that your vehicle is roadworthy and safe to go.
  • Lifespan: The main important factor of servicing is to increase your vehicle’s lifespan. The more you care, the longer it lasts. Doesn’t it blow your mind? It can even save your money from a lot of expenditure. 
  • Increased Resale Value: Whether you want to sell your car or not, it is on you. But remember one thing, a serviced car gives you more money than you expected. So it will only benefit you.


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