The Importance of Certification and Recertification in Your Career

Technology is advancing faster and demand a shift in our thinking about the work environment. To keep pace with the demanding industry changes and evolutions, it is crucial to acquire new skills.

As of August 2019, the youth unemployment rate was about 14 percent, and more than 15 million men and women across the European Union were unemployed. In many cases, the reason was not lacking job availability, but the lack of skills needed to acquire a job. Earning a workforce certification helps a lot for the new and existing employees to acquire knowledge and hone their skills. It enables them to continue their career journey effortlessly. 

Most of the workforce certifications include training and essentially validates the individual’s skills. The certification lends credibility to the professional’s qualifications as the certification programs involve exams that are designed to test the professional’s working knowledge and skills. It proves the professionals’ abilities and gives an extra edge in the workforce.

Moreover, a professional has to earn certification as per the company’s requirement. Since automation has replaced manual work, one has to keep skills in line with the market demand. The purpose of certification is not only to keep the business and job security but also to keep the employee more sellable. The professional may have to switch between certifications as he/she changes the work profile or the company. By proving their skills, the professionals are more likely to get employed or promoted.

A few of the in-demand global workforce certifications in the emerging knowledge areas include Artificial Intelligence, big data analytics, blockchain, big data engineering, cloud computing, data science, and talent management. Get to know the importance of earning certifications here.

Importance of earning a certification

Some of the benefits of earning a workforce certification are as listed below.

  • Updates your knowledge and skills
  • Enables you to stay on top of trends
  • Makes you a differentiator against the competition
  • Helps you to execute projects with greater efficiency
  • Helps you move into a position of greater responsibility
  • Increases your earning potential
  • Demonstrates your commitment to professionalism
  • Enables you to uphold industry standards
  • Helps you to pursue new business opportunities
  • Evaluates your strengths and weaknesses during the process of certification

In brief, technology empowers employers and employees alike and creates a more efficient workforce. With career development and training, professionals can take advantage of the evolving technologies and thereby advance their careers. It is necessary to pass the industry’s measurement of knowledge.

If you want to succeed in your career, it is crucial to stay abreast of all the technologies and regulations that influence your profession. You may have to earn multiple global workforce certifications too as per the job requirements.

As you move forward and your business evolves, keep your certifications up-to-date and continue to realize the above-mentioned benefits. Recertifying is required to keep yourself updated with the knowledge and skills. Many of the global certification industries have continuing education requirements to maintain the certification.

Maintaining the certification helps you to acquire positions that might not qualify otherwise. It enables you to adhere to best practices within your profession always.