The Pros & Cons of Getting A Patent

Getting A Patent

As soon as there is an invention of something absolutely new and original, the talk about getting a patent arises almost immediately. A patent bestows the inventor with legal power over his or her invention or creation from theft, imitation, or ill-treatment of his creation.

The process to get patent registration (patent tescil) may be intimidating for the first-timers, however, it is an important step that must not be skipped at any cost. However, many individuals because of the complexity involved don’t feel the urgency of getting a patent.

This could be the greatest mistake that one can make if he or she is the creator or inventor of something absolutely new and original. To understand the significance of getting a patent, we have listed out some pros and cons that are involved with this process. Continue to read till the end to fully understand the extremity of patent registration.


1.      Let us start with the most basic privilege you get out of patent. Once you are a patent holder, it gives you the legal right to own and utilize your creation or invention in whichever way you want. There’s no worry about the theft or imitation of your idea, invention, or concept once you complete the process of getting a patent for it. And if someone goes ahead to copy or steal your invention then as a patent holder over it you can simply use them legally for such action.

2.     A patent gives the owner the exclusive legal rights of their invention in the market. The patent holder has all the rights to use, distribute, sell, import, or even export the patented creation or invention for a given amount of time (usually 20 years). This exclusive right ultimately gives you the upper hand than any other individual in the market over your patented creation or invention.

3.     Getting a patent always gives you a better reputation in the market. You are noted as a worthy competitor and can attract foreign investors as well. Therefore, giving you an opportunity to gain more revenue. You can observe the gradual economic growth of your business by getting patent registration (patent tescil).


1.      The entire procedure of getting a patent can be time-consuming and complex. It involves plenty of approvals and reviews before your invention gets registered for the patent. So, be patient and hold your ground to get a patent for your invention.

2.     Now, getting a patent doesn’t mean you have the legal rights over your creation all over the world. The patent gives you the power only under the jurisdiction where you have filed for the patent. For instance, if you have a patent in Turkey, then you have the rights over your invention in the Turkish market alone and not outside that location.

3.     You need to have a proper commercialization plan for your patent if you want to get full advantage out of it. Otherwise, the pre-patent expenses and post-patent maintenance cost could be greater than the revenue you may generate from the use of patent rights. Now, that’s definitely not what you want from a patent right?


The above enumerated are some of the pros and cons that are involved in getting a patent over an invention or creation. Although getting a patent comes along with some cons, the magnitude of pros definitely outnumbers the cons that come with it. So, what are you waiting for? If you have an invention or creation that is absolutely original and new then get started with patent registration procedure NOW!