Things to Remember When You Buy YouTube Views


The trend of having a YouTube channel is increasing day-by-day. People are creating video content a lot, whether it can be related to gaming, cooking, tutorials, product unboxing, product reviews, and much more. 

Creating a YouTube channel is easy, but to make it a successful one is very difficult. Many things play a crucial role in the success of a YouTube Channel that includes – 

  1. Number of subscribers, 
  2. Number of views, 
  3. Niche, 
  4. Competition, 
  5. YouTube Policies, etc.

YouTubers do everything they can to obtain the maximum number of subscribers and views on their videos. One of them is to purchase some views.

The significant questions you should look answers for are 

  1. How to buy YouTube views?
  2. Where can I purchase YouTube Views?
  3. Should you buy views for your YouTube Videos? 

To know answers to the above questions, keep reading. Apart from this, I will also share some risk-free ways and things to purchase Youtube subscribers and video views of your YouTube channel. 

How to Buy Youtube Views and Subscribers To Boost Rank [Risk-free]?

Below are some things that you can do to compete with the giant YouTubers that have 5, 6, 7, and 8-digit subscriber count. 

1. Purchase Youtube Views & Subscribers From an Authorized Advertiser

Suppose you purchase views and subscribers from someone at a very low price. And when you woke up the next day, you get an email from Google saying that your YouTube account has been banned. How would you feel? 

Therefore it’s essential to make sure that if are you are purchasing views and subscribers for your YouTube channel, you are buying it from an authentic source. 

How can we identify if it’s a legitimate source or not? Let’s check out. 

(a) Illegitimate Source or Advertisers

If you use any unusual method, inappropriate way, or illegal method to obtain subscriber count and views, then Google might not like it and will mark it as Illegitimate. 

Below are some illegitimate ways – 

  1. Purchasing views that send bot-traffic or click-farm views
  2. Obtaining views using multiple redirections 
  3. Hiding video on a web page and auto-playing the video when a user visits the page
  4. Gaining views using pop-under advertisements

(b) Legitimate Source

Google has rigorous policies with paid promotions and advertisements. One of the legitimate ways to purchase views and subscribers is to buy it from Google directly. 

Before that, let’s understand what exactly a legitimate view is? A legitimate view can be defined as a view that is real. In short, a real subscriber has viewed your video as they had an interest in it. 

Google allows you to purchase YouTube views and subscribers. All the views and subscribers from these sources will be valid. 

How to buy YouTube views directly from YouTube or Google? 

1. Using Google Adwords

  • In-stream ads or
  • In-display ads

2. Using Facebook

  • Promote the post on Facebook with or without paid promotion. 

Final Words

Make sure whatever method you use to gain YouTube subscribers and views is legitimate and relevant. In the case of irrelevancy, you might end up losing your YouTube channel.