Tips To Extend The Electric Vehicle Battery Life

Even if your capacity requirements for renewal of the line is not long, you can use one charge 2 to 3 days, but it is recommended that you recharge every day, so that the battery in the light cycle, the battery life will be extended. Some of the early use of mobile phone users think that the best is the basic use of battery recharge is over, this view is wrong, the memory of lead-acid battery efficiency is not so strong. Regular discharge off the electricity to the battery life is relatively large.

Most of the charger indicator light indicates fully charged after changing the battery into the battery charge may be 97% to 99%. Although only due to charge 1% to 3% of the electricity, the impact on the continued ability of the line is almost negligible, but also form due to charge accumulation, so the light after changing the battery is fully charged, or continue to float charging as much as possible, but also to inhibit cell cure good.
If you want to use the longer the battery, then, do not charge a day! Battery electric vehicles should not be frequently charged, because the battery charge and discharge cycle a few times a certain, usually about 300 times, often to charge the battery will increase battery cathode active material to soften the fall off the board, will result in accelerated grid corrosion .

Every time you charge, equivalent to shorten your battery life time, manufacturers or distributors, then they say, because children do, basically all over the warranty period the battery life it is almost more a month or two, the two three months to the end. Should be used in almost longer sufficient, of course, can not be too long, you say I sit less, 10 days, two weeks on one charge that can not, in general we should charge a maximum of two or three days. Unless you think you use the remaining capacity is not enough. How much better for almost see the back of the summary. 

2, the timely charge. 

Battery discharge started after the curing process, in 12 hours started, there is a clear cure. Timely charge, you can clear the sulfide is not serious, if not timely charge, the sulfide crystals will gradually form a thick accumulation of crystals, the average of these coarse crystals charger is powerless, it will gradually decline in battery capacity and shorten the battery life. Therefore, in addition to charging every day outside, but also noted that the use is over to the charge as soon as possible, as the battery is in full state.
Charging time it can be considered not completely wrong, maybe someone will ask, you just said not to use the above are not the same? Is not contradictory, that is, can enough, you will use almost the same charge after the time to remember, or not enough, then we would charge a timely manner. 

Also, if the battery can always check the balance, so much the better! Because the difference between the battery / long term to use (with voltage history, a great load, etc.) / charging the reasons (not the law of charge) and so makes the imbalance between the various cells, which is a group of cells, some of which have been voltage protection points to 10.5, even lower, while the voltage was also pricey and with a lot of power.

If the charging time, charge into the electricity is the same, but will use the power disparity makes the difference time and time again intensified. Eventually leading to often curing of low-voltage battery is too serious damage. If you find that you continue the mileage is less than 70% in the case of the exclusion of other issues, you can use the battery battery capacity meter inspection and repair problems, can greatly extend the battery life.
3, periodic deep discharge. 

A deep discharge battery regularly is also conducive to “activate” the battery, you can slightly increase the battery capacity. General approach is to periodically conduct a fully discharged battery. The method is fully discharged flat road ride under normal load to the first voltage protection. Note that we emphasize the first undervoltage protection.

Battery after the first voltage protection, battery over a period of time, the voltage will rise, has returned to non-voltage state, this time if re-use batteries, so harmful to the battery. After the completion of fully discharged, the battery is fully charged. Will feel the battery capacity has improved. This was right, but then again not intended to be the first few times. Remember to “timely charge”, as cycles, long time, see summary.

4, to develop some of the good habit of saving.

Sliding as much as possible. When the slope below, slide off as much as possible the use of slow advance. In the time ahead will encounter traffic lights into the taxi, to minimize braking. A friend told me he would rather switch to a Bay also reduce the time the brakes, it makes sense. Start, the best to join riding help, not only can improve the startup speed, and can reduce the battery life loss and injury. 
Car moving process, should not have to reboot, brakes, and then start the car because the brake end, especially in the beginning when the current large, break time in a current limit equal to the size of 

5, note that charging environment. 

The best temperature is charging 25 ℃. Most chargers are not adapted to the automatic temperature control system, so most chargers are designed in accordance with ambient temperature of 25 ℃, so the charge at 25 ℃ for better. Otherwise, it is inevitable that over the winter and summer due to charging charging problem. The ambient temperature at 25 ℃, when the real is relatively small, so there are bound to charge less in summer than in winter charging problem. Fortunately, most families now have the conditions of the indoor thermostat, so that charge, the best arrangements for the battery and charger in a ventilated and temperature controlled environment. Special note is the battery in the northern winter outdoors into a warm room temperature state when the battery there will be frost on the surface condensation. To avoid battery drain caused by frost or condensation, should the battery temperature rises to close to room temperature and dry and later be charged. 
Note: The battery charge voltage and inversely proportional to the ambient temperature 
The following gives the 36V battery at different temperatures (TEMP) under the maximum charging voltage (UMAX) and the floating voltage (UF) of other voltage own calculations. Temp Umax Uf 0 46.20 42.48 10 45.36 41.58 20 44.40 40.86 25 44.25 40.50 30 43.74 40.14 35 43.20 39.78 

6, the full use of the maintenance conditions

Many dealers can provide electric bicycle battery maintenance and repair services, should take advantage of these services. Some brands of electric bicycles proposed overhaul of the battery. Such as: regular maintenance of batteries can reduce the damage the battery. The battery state of charge of the repair can alleviate the “battery backward” failure, which is equipped with a maintenance capability of the dealer is easy.

For water loss, in 70% of battery capacity when the battery capacity than pay 40% of the time better than replenishment. And even some brands of products are also proposed: maintenance of the prescribed time is not equivalent to giving up the battery warranty. Consumers by the loss should not occur. Therefore, consumers should make full use of the conditions of maintenance to extend the battery to increase battery life.