Top 10 Reasons To Have Your Teeth Professionally Whitened

Your smile is one thing that people will notice about you. It is also the most important tool you have to invite them into your world. Twin Lakes Dental has made teeth whitening one of the most sought-after cosmetic procedures.

The process you choose to whiten your smile will impact its brightness of it. Although touch-ups are possible at home, there are at most 10 compelling reasons why professional whitening should be performed.

1. Your Appearance Can Be Improved

Your appearance and the way you interact with others can be immediately improved by whiter teeth. Studies have shown that whiter, more attractive teeth are associated with a higher level of intelligence, friendliness, and socialization. Professional teeth whitening is the best, and perhaps the only, way of getting maximum teeth whitening.

2. Get More Confidence

People who whiten their teeth say it boosts self-confidence and gives them the confidence to smile with pride. No doubt, your smile is key to how you relate with people. The professional treatment you receive will make you a more positive impression on your first meeting, whether it’s for a job interview or a date.

3. Look Years Younger

The natural process of tooth discoloration, as well as cumulative stains, causes teeth to turn darker. Teeth staining is most commonly caused by colorants in tea, coffee, red wines, and tobacco products. It is easier for colorants to seep into teeth when acidic foods or drinks like carbonated beverages erode the enamel.

4. You Can Achieve Outstanding Results In Less Than An Hour

Professional in-office whitening is significantly more effective than home whitening with over-the-counter products this whitening agent lightens your smile by around eight shades in one hour. For home treatments to lighten your tooth by one to two shades, you will need to use it consistently for several weeks to months.

5. You Can Add The “Wow-Factor” To Special Occasions

A lot of my patients prefer to visit me before any special occasions to get teeth whitening done. No matter whether you’re getting married, looking back at old classmates, or taking family photos, you want your smile to shine.

6. Finish Your Freshly Straightened Smile With A Little Bit Of Polish

After braces have been in place for at least a year, it is finally time to get them out and look at your new smile. Nothing can lift your spirits like whitening your smile.

7. Professional Care Is A Good Way To Protect Your Teeth

You will receive a professional dental exam when you visit for teeth whitening Central Coast. This is the best way to ensure your teeth are safe and healthy. Why is whitening not safe? It happens when there are dental problems, such as a small cavity or crack in your teeth. This allows the whitening gel to easily reach the delicate nerves within your teeth.

8. In-Office Bleaching Can Help To Avoid Gum Irritation

You won’t find a whitening tray or strip that fits all. Because everyone’s mouth is different, the trays and strips in your local supermarket aren’t able to fit you. You may experience irritation if some active ingredients come into contact with your oral tissues.

9. Make Your Teeth Whiter!

While it seems straightforward to use commercial teeth-whitening products, uneven whitening can happen if the agent isn’t applied in the right amount and for the same period.

10. Avoid Sensitive Teeth

Temporary sensitivity may occur after teeth whitening because the active ingredient is absorbed into the enamel to dissolve discolorations. Professional whitening solution contains ingredients that are good for your smile and help to reduce sensitivity. A gel can be applied after whitening to alleviate sensitivity.