Cloud computing has picked up strength in recent years. With the advancement of cloud computing, the requirement for cloud management tools is expanding. These management tools help in the compelling administration of the private, open, and hybrid cloud conditions. The tools help in facilitating access to the software and hardware assets and handling power.

There are presently various cloud management tools in the market that could assist you with the administration and monitoring of your cloud applications.

Here are the top 15 cloud management tools:

Cloudability Cloud Management 

Cloudability is a cost management tool for observing and streamlining cloud costs. It helps associations with monitoring resource utilization details and gives various reports to proficiently examine and manage funds or finances. Cloudability underpins numerous open, private, and hybrid cloud specialists.


RackWare is one of the best cloud management tools. It offers a hybrid cloud management program that gives adaptability to the IT clients of various endeavors. Mobility and flexibility are the two primary parts of RackWare. The foundation of RackWare is exceptionally intended to deal with the workload of complex applications and computerize the movements.

Sematext Cloud 

Sematext Cloud is a unified performance checking and logging arrangement accessible in the cloud and on-premises. It gives full-stack permeability through a single sheet of glass by uniting application and framework monitoring, log management, tracking, genuine client, and synthetic checking. 

AppDynamics APM 

It is an Application Intelligence organization that conveys corporate and operational knowledge into application execution, client experience, and business impact of the product applications. 

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Metric is a standout amongst other cloud management tools to reduce expenses. It helps the associations in observing the cloud uses and coordinating the infrastructure and applications. It additionally helps in the checking of the overall public cloud expenses. This tool offers brilliant online webinars, tutorials, and online help for improved cloud management.


Unigma is a tool that connects metrics from various cloud sellers. You can see metrics from Azure, AWS Cloud, and Google Cloud. It gives you definite visibility of your infrastructure and work burdens and prescribes the best enforcement choices to your clients. It has engaging and easy to-utilize dashboards that you can impart to your group or clients. 

Stack Driver 

Stack Driver is a Google cloud administration checking application that introduces itself as intelligent monitoring programming for AWS and Google Cloud. It offers evaluation, logging, and diagnostics administrations for applications running on these stages.


BMC is a famously known best cloud management tool to reduce expenses. It is one of the cloud management tools that give better control and permeability to the clients to optimize resource utilization, upgrade execution, and decrease costs. The dashboard of BMC programming offers a report that helps the clients to follow the post transactions and screen costs. 

HPE Hybrid Cloud Management 

HPE half and half cloud the executives is one of the well-known tools. This tool helps in upgrading the responsiveness and effectiveness and helps with improving the IT facility. This tool permits clients to upgrade their ROI through appropriate administration. 


This tool gives a dashboard through a web application for overseeing records over numerous clouds. MultiCloud offers an index tree that works like Windows Explorer, making it simple to move records into various areas.

Red Hat Cloud forms

Red Hat Cloud forms use open source innovation to give the management tools for virtual and private cloud infrastructure, which allows for the computerization of standard procedures, analysis, consistency control, and client self-administration abilities.

Paessler PRTG

It gives an amazing checking answer for monitoring the whole IT framework. It can screen all frameworks, devices, traffic, and applications in your IT infrastructure.


This is a SaaS-based endeavor that offers improved monitoring solutions for your IT foundation as well as your hybrid cloud management, all on a single stage. They offer cloud support for Amazon Web Services, GCP, and Azure. 


This platform offers permeability to the clients to see all the applications over the cloud environments. This helps in checking, fixing, and scaling of the various systems. 

Data Dog 

Data Dog tool offers monitoring services for the administration of cloud costs and clouds used. It is perfect for being utilized in hybrid cloud conditions. The basic dashboard of Data Dog helps in showing constant, exact information. Dragging and dropping the necessary metrics helps the clients to screen all they need.