Top 5 Benefits Of Using Silicone Containers

From your car to the kitchen, silicone materials exist everywhere. Silicone is one of the most manufactured materials worldwide. Therefore, it’s not surprising that the material dominates the packaging industry. Often, manufacturers have a challenging time selecting packaging materials. Some are fragile, some easily break, exposing the packaged products, and others can’t withstand high temperatures. However, this isn’t the case with silicone packaging; the material is durable, heat-resistant, and so much more. Here is are 5 reasons why you should consider silicone packaging.


Heat-resistant packaging is essential, especially if you’re dealing with dab concentrates. When exposed to heat, focuses lose potency and deprive the user of the benefits. Silicone containers are perfect because they have a higher tolerance to heat compared to plastic or glass containers. For example, if you put your concentrates in a 5ml glass jar and a 5ml silicon jar, the concentrates in the glass jar are more likely to react to the temperature change.

Easy to clean

Nobody enjoys spending hours cleaning after a dabbing session. You want to relax and relish that ‘high feeling’ as long as you can. Therefore, you need to invest in easy-to-clean containers. Silicone is easy to clean because of its non-stick feature. Removing oils and other concentrates only takes minutes.


In today’s world, versatility is essential. If you can get additional functions from one container, it is worth the investment. That’s the good thing with using silicone packaging containers; after exhausting the packaged contents, you can use the container for a different purpose. If you need snack storage containers or somewhere to store your sweets, reusing the silicone container is effective. It helps that most silicone containers don’t transfer or retain odor.

Additionally, silicone containers don’t transfer flavor. You don’t have to worry about your concentrates absorbing a different flavor. If tasting the flavor maters to you, then you can rely on silicone containers.


Environmental conservation is an ongoing topic of discussion as people focus on building a greener world. One of the ways you can create a greener environment is by using silicone packaging materials. Silicone is greener compared to plastic and other packaging materials. Unlike plastic which comes from crude oil, silicone comes from non-toxic silica. Therefore, even when you expose silicone to heat, it will revert to its initial ingredients; carbon monoxide, water vapor, and amorphous silica. Keep in mind that silicone is not biodegradable. However, you can still recycle silicone containers.


Nothing is more frustrating than losing your concentrates because the container broke. For most people, durability is a crucial factor in determining whether they purchase a container. If this is important to you, then you should consider silicone containers. Silicone not only withstands high temperatures, but it’s also durable. Breaking a silicone container requires a lot of effort. Therefore, you can reuse the container for years without worrying about breakage.

In conclusion, silicone containers are perfect for packaging and storage. You can enjoy your dabs for months without losing flavor, strength, and structure. If you’re interested in purchasing high-quality and stylish silicone containers, check out Oil Slick for more information.