Top 5 Best Wood Chips For Electric Smokers

Electric Smokers

It’s time to start your search for the top five best wood chips for electric smokers. What are wood chips? What is so special about them? Do they really make a difference in how your wood smoke barbeques turn out? In this article we’ll answer all of those questions and more!

Wood chips are a great alternative to using hardwoods

Wood chips, or pieces of hardwood, are a great alternative to using hardwoods in your charcoal or gas grill. Why? Because they are much cheaper than hardwoods and also give off the same amount of smoke. So, what are the best wood chips for electric smokers?
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The following discussion will outline what some of the best brands are and what they have to offer smokers.

Big Green Egg:

This company produces two popular lines of wood chips: Bamboo Chips and Slant Head Chips. These chips are made from wood harvested from sustainable bamboo sources. They’re great for any smoker because they produce great amounts of smoke and don’t contain any volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Many people prefer the charcoal taste of Big Green Eggs over hardwood but either way, you can’t go wrong with their product.


Bosch is another quality manufacturer of chips that produce excellent-tasting smoke. Their other line of chips includes pipettes. They are similar to Big Green Eggs in taste but are not as aromatic. Chipettes are made from a mixture of natural wood chips made from sustainable forests around the world. Both of these are very good wood chips for electric smokers.

Camp Chef:

If you’re looking for the top wood chips for electric smokers, look no further than Camp Chef. This company has been creating some of the best chips for campers and enthusiasts for over forty years. Their products are made using the finest kinds of woods and they produce a thick black smoke with a slight aroma.

Good stand-by brands:

For those who prefer the convenience of chips that produce little or no smoke, there’s Smores. These chips are also produced by Big Green Eggs and are an excellent choice if you want to make great-tasting food fast. Smores are not actually “chips” per se, but are actually small sized slices of wood smoked and marinated in barbecue sauce. This makes Smores some of the best wood chips for electric smokers, but there are many other quality brands to choose from.

Whichever brand you decide on

Be aware that even though it may be labeled as “chips,” different manufacturers use different types of chips in their products. Some use chips exclusively and others will replace portions of the wood if you specify. Also, some chips contain alcohol which can interfere with other Smokey Mountain products. These two facts should be taken into consideration when buying chips for your Smokey Mountain smoker.

Selecting the best wood chips for an electric smoker

Some other tips for selecting the best wood chips for an electric smoker include checking for moisture content, the fragrance and whether the chips are packaged in bags or chunks. When shopping online, read customer reviews and look at product specifications. Finally, select your brand based on durability and quality, as well as price and ease of use.

There are two main categories of wood chips for Smokey Mountain smokers: moist or dry. If you want to avoid having wet wood chips in your Electric Smoker, you should purchase the most variety. There is no need to use any type of preservatives with these chips. You do, however, want to make sure the manufacturer uses a high-grade fire-breathing unit in order to avoid your unit drying out. Dry wood chips will retain moisture content of between 10% and twelve percent.

Dry wood chips will require more frequent cleaning

But they are easier to maintain. They should also last longer than moist ones, as they are less likely to splinter or chip. To clean your wood chips, place them into a wood bisque bag and fill with water. Vacuum the wood chips after about twenty minutes in the water. Be sure to wipe down all sides and edges to ensure your Smokey Mountain Electric Smoker is not left with a watery taste.

Wood chips are designed to provide optimal flavor and aroma in your Electric Smoker. Depending on the manufacturer, they can be found in various colors, from light to dark. They can be found at most online smoking outlets. When shopping for wood chips for your Electric Smoker, be sure to select ones that are specifically designed for use with Electric Smokers. These manufacturers often guarantee that the wood used in their products will keep its flavor for up to forty hours or even longer, depending on the moisture level of your specific model.


In order to determine the best wood chips for your specific product from, you should test each batch to determine its final temperature and moisture level. The aroma and flavor of each product will change as it cooks. Smoking experts recommend that you experiment with the various types of wood available. You may discover a smoking technique you love or find one that you prefer to use.