Top 5 Cool Ways to Do Unicorn Face Paint for Kids

black face paint

From unicorn braids and hair clips to unicorn dresses, balloons, and more, children love unicorns. If yours can’t have enough of the magical creature, they’ve probably asked you to turn them into one. Here’s how your chance to impress your tiny tots with your face painting skills. Check out the five cool ways you can pull this off.

Shop for Some Glitters

You can’t get started unless you have the supplies you need. Start by getting your hands on unicorn glitter. Don’t pick up any of the plastic glitters you see in stores. These are not hypoallergenic so they are likely to result in rashes and skin irritation. Avoid all that by shopping for child-friendly glitter instead. Shop online for some of those sparkles before you start your face painting sessions, the Romper suggests.

Make a Mask

You can paint the unicorn as an eye mask, which will cover your child’s forehead. You’ll need to be a bit creative with the wings so you can do them around the eyes and eyebrows. It’s definitely a departure from all the kids with paint on their cheeks. Try it out and see if your children love it.

Over the Eyebrow

Another option you can try is to draw the unicorn over one eyebrow. That option leaves most of your child’s face free. That not only makes it easier to clean up later, you can also decorate the other eye with flowers or whatever designs your child wants to see. In addition, you don’t get to use up a lot of your unicorn face paint, so that means yours will last much longer.

Get Yourself Props

Don’t hesitate to get some props. There are unicorn headbands, hair clips, dresses and more. Your child will have so much fun playing the part of a unicorn. Aside from sparkles, you can also use temporary tattoos or stickers to help your kid complete the transformation, the CBC says.

Invest in Supplies

Don’t use any of your normal makeup supplies. Instead, check out child-friendly face paint options. Look at the brands, products, and kits available online. Go over the reviews to see which ones will suit your needs. Do they have the color palette you want? Are a lot of the parents happy with the product? Did their kids suffer from any skin irritation? Once the kit arrives, don’t start using it right away. Test it out first. Dab some makeup on the inside of your child’s elbow. If there aren’t any allergic reactions or breakouts within three days, then you’re good to go.

Bonus Tip

When you shop for face paint, browse through black face paint options too. Black is ideal for highlighting details. If you want to make the painting pop, always outline them in black. That’s a handy tip to help you make the most out of your face painting sessions with the kids. Don’t hesitate to watch videos and tutorials to see the many ways you can play with black paint and use it in your future sessions.