Top 5 Data Science Job Roles for 2021

According to a statistic put forward by LinkedIn, data science is the 14th most in-demand job in 2021. It’s an extremely promising industry that has a ton of potential for talented individuals around the world. The reasoning behind the popularity is simple. It’s an industry that has entered pretty much every other field in the world. From business to healthcare to education to sports, machine learning has become a mainstream piece of technology that increases efficiency wherever it goes.

Data Architects

A data architect is a specific job, but it’s crucial in any data science team. A data scientist may be the one that punches the numbers and comes up with practical intel. Still, a data architect’s job is to ensure that the information being fed to the data scientist is credible and viable enough to draw crucial conclusions. Data architects are responsible for generating sets of data while maintaining the utmost quality. They ensure data integrity by removing redundancy and eliminating additional noise that may affect your results. The importance of a data architect in a company is unexplainable. If the data architect isn’t effectively managing their data, the conclusions drawn by the data scientist may end up doing more harm than good.

Machine Learning Engineer

A machine learning engineer is a unique job post because it includes three areas of computer science: data science, infrastructure, and software development. Each of those is a separate area of expertise, and for this job role, you need experience in all three of these fields. For data science, you need to know the basics; stats, ML, and common ML frameworks. As far as infrastructure is concerned, you should have some domain knowledge of the business and how to implement a machine learning model. For software development, you’re going to need some basic skills such as clean coding skills, traditional problem-solving skills, etc.

Data Engineer

A data engineer is a relatively new job title and shares a lot with a database manager and performs many of the same duties, only for a data scientist. A data engineer’s job is to collect data from multiple sources and create an authentic data set. For the data scientists and business, analysts to draw their conclusions. The difference between a data architect and an engineer is quite vague.

But, the general rule of thumb is that a data architect is more focused on the systems that the data is extracted through that system. It focuses on increasing the efficiency of the data. They need to make sure that the data is refined and contains the least amount of irrelevant information. Meanwhile, a data engineer is responsible for maintaining that data properly. They’re in charge of the database and need to ensure that the infrastructure is safe and ready for the data scientists to base their calculations on.

Analytics Translator

There are very few data scientists that are well-versed with the business ends of things. These data scientists are generously compensated for their services simply because their conclusions are more refined and require. Fewer briefings than someone who doesn’t know much about business. However, such individuals are rare read more. This is where an analytics translator comes in. It’s this individual’s job to ensure that they can convert the problems the business is facing into actionable and computable data. They convert common business problems into data science problems. So the data scientist can get to work and provide an insight into the solutions. It’s essential to have top-tier communication skills to become an analytics translator. You’re the main focal person between the managerial personnel deciding which direction by Myenvoyair. The business should go and the data scientist needs to understand what they are supposed to be doing.

Data Science Statistician

The job of a statistician is pretty simple. They’re folks who have a decent understanding of mathematics and, use that knowledge in combination with data science to understand the numbers better. It’s their job to analyze data clusters and extract meaningful data from endless amounts of it. They also help the data scientists figure out the math side of the job. You’ll also need some knowledge of database systems.

Like SQL since you will spend most of your time working on those. The world of data science is vast, and there are diverse data science job roles for you to fit in. Analyze the different positions available, you can see which one is best suited to your data science skills. The main takeaway from this blog should be that data science alone is not enough. You need some experience hands-on working experience. Data analytics or data science projects to get an edge over other data science enthusiasts.