Top 5 Online Computer Hardware Store that have the Best Products in UK 2021

Online Computer Hardware Store

Online shopping is a lot of fun but there are a lot of things that need to be considered when looking to buy computer hardware or other parts from online computer stores. Buying online hardware proves to be a risky business for most of the people, taking in account the prices, credibility, and availability of products available to shop online.

When buying computer hardware people tend to be extremely careful as usually the prices of computer hardware are usually high even if you are buying second-hand hardware components still some of them have high prices, so, getting hands on cheaper products both brand new and second-hand hardware components is difficult but not impossible.

People can buy a lot of hardware products from differentonline website that have computer hardware products, but still they are worried about being scammed, if not then what about the quality and prices of the products, are they getting the promised quality, best price on the market, what about refund/return policy of the store they are buying from, most importantly, do they offer discounts and promos, all these factors make it really confusing and pressurizing for the customers to choose the right option for them.

But do not worry, in this article, we have listed down the top 5 of the best computer hardware stores in UK that are selling online, keeping in mind all of the above-mentioned facts and a lot of other things that make a good store to grab your favorite products from, while building a new PC or upgrading you old one.

Reliance Solutions

This company is also considered top IT Solutions and Hardware Stores in all of UK to buy quality and cheap priced computer hardware with their expertise in the field to deliver the best options at cheapest prices possible.

This is online computer store is a must to visit, if you are looking to upgrade your PC to latest technological advancements or buy a whole new system within a budget-friendly environment and also, to get advice from their expert consultants who will help you get the best possible solution to your problems without a biased opinion.

Being a major supplier of computer hardware components across UK, having more than 20 years of experience in the market and with a goal of making computer hardware, products and services more accessible to their customers at most affordable prices, they ensure to help their customers purchase their favorite computers and hardware components inexpensively, with a lot of options to choose from in their customer friendly online shopping site, they also make sure that the products you are ordering will arrive at your doorstep safely.


Known for its popular end-of-season clearance sales. Newegg has a wide range of hardware options with big discounts because of their clearance sales, making them one of the top hardware stores in UK with cheapest prices tags.

The only problem with them is that you will end up spending all your money in their end-of-season sales because of the variety of options available at such low prices.


This online store is known for providing the best heavy duty gaming PC’s and workstation that can perform the most heavy-duty tasks easily. Only problem with this site is their products have high price range which is justified with the quality and performance of their hardware and products.

So, this site is for those who are not looking to buy cheap products but the highest performance and best quality.

Micro Center

Founded in 1979, micro center has earned the trust and reached over 22 million buyers since their launch. They have more than 30,000 hardware products for their customers to choose from. What makes them special is their bricks and mortar stores from where you can pick up your online orders of hardware products.

Their stores are intended to supply the requirements of a wide assortment of shoppers from private ventures to nearby schools, also their knowledgeable Sales Associates really have a deep knowledge of their products & services, will provide you with best technical support & customer satisfaction and are not simply looking to make another sale.

With all those above-mentioned qualities they really have some of the cheapest prices for their products which they will also compare online prices with walk-in stores too.

We hope this article will surely help you in choosing the best online computer store that suits your requirements and fulfills your expectations to find the best products.

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