Uses of Spoon Excavator in Dentistry

For any dentist, it is important to have the right kinds of dental equipment for a smooth practice. Among the several kinds of equipment required to make oral healthcare easy for both the dentist and the patient, are dental spoon excavators.

Dental spoon excavators serve different purposes in different scenarios and each of these uses is paramount in the oral healthcare environment. Dental spoon excavators help to remove the debris of teeth. Further, they also help to remove the decayed dentin from the tooth cavities.

A dental spoon excavator is shaped like a spoon and is effectively used to scrape out pathologic tissue. This makes it an important element in dental procedures and a vital component of every dental healthcare environment.

Usually, a dental spoon excavator, a paired instrument, is used for excavating the tooth. Further, dental spoon excavators are categorized by their sizes for ease of usage.

The small spoon dental excavator in dentistry has a diameter of 1 mm. This spoon excavator is mainly used for smaller tooth cavities as well as for cleaning the dental junction or the enamel junction. Given that these instruments are fragile, a low force is applied while using these dental spoon excavators in order to prevent damages. The diameter of the other spoons is larger – about 1.5mm. These spoons are majorly utilized for removing soft caries from larger cavities.

Also, by using the rounded surface excavator, mixed restorative material can be pushed into the cavity. Depending upon their size, they are further subdivided into small, medium, and large excavators. The categorization of excavators is also based on their shapes as Spoon Excavator and Spoon Excavator Straight.

The small spoon excavators are useful for removing smaller tooth cavities and cleaning the dentine junction. Since the diameter of the small spoon excavator is approximately 1 mm, less force is applied while using the small spoon excavators to prevent them from damage as spoon excavators are a fragile instrument.

In the case of the medium spoon excavator, the diameter is slightly more. It is 1.5mm. These medium spoon excavators are used to remove soft caries from larger cavities which make them extremely useful for oral health practitioners.

The large spoon excavator has a larger diameter of about 2mm. The large spoon excavator is used for tooth excavation. The large spoon excavator is also useful to remove glass – ionomer material. These multiple uses make this an extremely important piece of equipment.

Dental spoon excavators are useful for they can easily be used on different parts of the oral cavity and on different surfaces.

While using a dental spoon excavator is important, certain points need to be kept in mind for safe usage. This is important to make sure that the equipment is used with all procedures and precautions in the right place. Before usage, all the dental spoon excavators need to be cleaned and sterilized.

Furthermore, before the first use of non-sterile instruments too, this cleaning and sterilization are required after they have been removed from the protective packaging. Sterilization needs to be done only through the valid processes which have been mentioned. The equipment which has been sterilized also needs to be maintained. This equipment also needs to be checked from time to time.

Also, the validation parameters need to be applied to each cleaning and sterilization cycle of the equipment for the overall management of the equipment. These processes need to be followed rigorously for the safe usage of the equipment.

Given the various uses of the dental spoon excavator, it becomes obvious that this instrument is imperative for an easy, and smooths dental practice.

The dental spoon excavators can be used for different kinds of dental procedures and on varying kinds of surfaces and cavities.

Furthermore, dental spoon excavators make the experience of dental healthcare a smooth experience for the patients as well. All in all, dental spoon excavators make dentistry a more systematic and comfortable experience. This makes them an immediate requirement in every dental healthcare environment.

Dental spoon excavators not only help the dentists but also relax the patients and hence make all the dental operations stress-free and comfortable. Therefore, it is essential for any dental health care environment to have dental spoon excavators.