What and How About PSD to Magento Conversion

PSD to Magento Conversion
PSD to Magento Conversion

The field of eCommerce business has become very competitive and every online retailer wishes to expand its business effectively. It is found that eCommerce sites that are engaging, appealing, and user-friendly manage to achieve desired success over the web.

Many website owners are not so technical and usually prefer to use ready-to-use templates or themes while designing their Magento websites. However, it doesn’t help you attract the target audience. And that’s where PSD to Magento conversion services comes into the picture. Converting conventional PSD files into lively Magento theme not only gives the flexibility of changes in the website but also helps online store owners to improve the conversion rates.

There are plenty of PSD to Magento conversion services providers available in the market claiming to offer high-quality and cost-effective PSD to Magento services. But do you think all can manage to fulfill their commitments? Well, not all PSD to Magento conversion service providers can deliver the desired outcome from the traditional PSD files. So, how to get a high-quality and pocket-friendly PSD to Magento conversion? Let’s find out!

How About PSD to Magento Conversion:

Analyze your requirement and overall project

One of the very basic things to ensure you get your PSD to Magento conversion right is to analyze your overall requirement thoroughly. It is very important that you are very clear about how you want your online store to look and what features it will be having.

Hire professionals and experienced PSD to Magento conversion services

You are having your photoshop file ready, but unless and until you have professionals who can help you slice it efficiently, it is of no use! However, not all conversion service providers can deliver quality conversion with high precision.

Therefore, get in touch with the professionals having expertise in slicing PSD files into different layers. Only professional and experienced service providers understand how important it is to have the smallest web element saved in a separate file.

Get PSD files coded into HTML/CSS

The next step is to ask the service provider to start coding the PSD files into HTML format. To ensure the design of your online store looks stunning, make sure you ask the service provider to prepare the CSS file.

Start integrating HTML and CSS with Magento

Once all the PSD files are coded in HTML and CSS, it is time for the developer to integrate the coded file with the Magento eCommerce platform. Ensure that developers follow the proper folder structure to avoid any issues in placing the elements.

Don’t forget to add data to your theme!

Now as you have your ideal Magento theme ready to use, it is time for you to start feeding the theme with your product details. Start from product images, price, terms, and conditions to categories, you must upload every little information for your online store.

Testing, Testing, and Testing!

The last step is to perform thorough testing of your converted Magento theme to understand and identify possible flaws in it. Make sure you validate the designs considering the end-user perspective.

WHAT Makes PSD to Magento Conversion SUCCESSFUL?

While converting your PSD files into Magento theme or template, ensure you follow below-mentioned tips to make your conversion successful:

  • Don’t try to merge layers to reduce the file size. Keep all the layers INTACT!
  • Make sure you organize your PSD files with relevant names to avoid confusion
  • Never try to compromise with the Magento theme design. Make sure you identify all the global and local elements of your Magento theme.
  • Always try to consider the functionality of individual links and call to action elements of your Magento theme during the design phase itself. Don’t think you will define it later live templates. It might hamper the performance and appearance of your design.
  • It is important to consider how fonts are being rendered in your Magento theme or template.
  • Magento is a content-driven platform and thus, always thinks about content flexibility when you convert your PSD files into the Magento theme or template.
  • Always design for a COMMON RESOLUTION! Try to become more responsive when it comes to screen resolutions.

Wrapping Up!

With PSD to Magento conversion services, you don’t have to worry about the typical markup or design-related problems if you consider what and how discussed in this blog post. However, make sure you get help from the professionals when planning to transform your raw PSD file into a lively Magento theme. If you are planning to hire PSD to Magento services, you can get in touch with us!