What are the features of the UC mini browser?

One of the widely used mobile browsers is the UC browser. Here, we have made a list of some of the topmost features offered by the UC mini Apk browser. If you haven’t used this browser before then here are some reasons why you should consider using it. Now, let us take a closer look at them.

The various features offered by UC mini browser

Speed mode and add-ons: if you aren’t aware then you should be knowing that different add-ons are being supported by the UC browser. So, one of these ad-ons includes the ad blocker. Also, there is another ad-on which is known as the speed boost. Also, there are 4 different types of modes which include the following:

  • Mobile mode: here you will get those webpages that are optimized for your mobile devices. If you are looking out for pre-downloaded add-ons then there are just a few of them which are available and they include clipboard, QR scanner, and speed mode. But if you are looking out for something more specific then you can use the store and download the ad-on of your preference.
  • Speed mode: with this mode, you can opt for the preferred version of the sites and thus in return you will be able to control the data amount that is consumed by a page along with the loading times.
  • Desktop mode: here, you are entitled to an amazing desktop experience but a lot of your data will be consumed.
  • Lite mode: this is one of the best modes available because it consumes the least amount of data and load at the fastest speed.

Gestures: also, there are different gestures that are supported by this browser. With the help of this, your browsing experience becomes easier, convenient and faster. If you are using a larger device then you are offered one-handed usage. Like you must have seen in different media players, gestures are being supported by videos as well. If you wish to decrease or increase the brightness or volume then you can swipe accordingly.

The download manager: this browser comes with a download manager that is integrated and is very advanced. You will be able to know about the free space that is available on your device. Also, you will get notified about those files which are in the process of downloading and which are already downloaded on your device. You can also use the video manager which lets you save and download the videos on your phone.

Customization: Another cool thing about the UC mini Apk browser is that it has so many themes that can be used for customization. By default, you have two themes that can be used but there are various other themes that are available online – all you got to do is download them and use without any hassle! Apart from that, if you do not like the themes that are there in the store, you can customize your own themes with the help of your favorite pictures from the gallery of your phone.