What is biopsy and when this procedure is required?

Patients suffering from various types of diseases are recommended to undergo different kinds of procedures to diagnose the issue and to provide accurate treatment. Biopsy is considered to be a medical procedure performed on the patient to diagnose presence of cancerous cells and its precise location at any suspicious site in the body. The procedure is usually performed by a surgeon or a radiologist. The biopsy is rather among the multiple advanced exams that are conducted to confirm presence of cancer. 

The fact is that the number of people affected with cancer is growing at a fast pace. A good percentage of the population is found to run the risk of contracting this dangerous disease prior to reaching the age of 75. Hence, there is suggested biopsy, which has become a common procedure these days.

Why there is needed biopsy procedure?

Doing some research on biopsy will help the patient to know what is to be expected and how the procedure provides the results. Biopsy is generally recommended by the doctor if there is suspected any medical condition such as cancer and there is needed confirmation of its presence. When other symptoms associated with the condition are felt, then for final confirmation, biopsy is to be undergone. 

The reason for suggesting biopsy is because, imaging techniques like ultrasound and x-ray tends to display a mass at any specific site of the body. Also, they do not exactly specify the particular nature of cell of mss. The truth is that not all masses can be considered to be cancerous. However, a fair chance does exist of the mass being cancerous. Therefore, biopsy becomes an essential procedure, since mass if found cannot be ignored. 

The doctor while conducting the biopsy procedure takes out small sample of cells or tissues to analyze it in the laboratory setting. Using the small cell numbers in the mass, evaluation is made of cancerous cell presence in whole mass. 

Biopsy types

There are present different kinds of biopsies, which are recommended depending upon the patient’s medical condition. They are as follows:

  • Endoscopic biopsy: The doctor in this type of procedure makes use of a fine tube having small headlight at its end. The tube gets inserted in the rectum, mouth, urinary tract or through skin and on the actual site of investigation. There are also small tools in the tube, which retracts a small sample taken from the affected region to analyze the same later. Usually, this procedure is carried out with the patient kept under anesthesia. Tissue samples are obtained through this procedure from within the lungs, colon or bladder. 
  • Bone Marrow biopsy: The bone marrow is stated to be a semi-solid material that is present within the larger bones. While carrying out the biopsy, some bone marrow is taken using a big syringe. Generally, the bone marrow is taken out from the hip bone, which is stated to be a painful procedure. In this case, the patient is placed under anesthesia. This biopsy is carried out to diagnose blood related issues. Such problems could be cancerous in nature like lymphoma and leukemia. They also can be non-cancerous like unexplained severe anemia. The doctor could also recommend this biopsy procedure to diagnose cancer which perhaps may have an origin somewhere else, however, get transferred to bone marrow. 
  • Needle biopsy: In this procedure, the doctor takes cell samples using a needle from affected region. Generally, needle biopsies tend to target visible tumors like swollen lymph nodes and breast lumps. The biopsy is a crucial medical test and in some cases, it is painful. However, it is necessary to perform this procedure. The patient needs to be well prepared prior to going into the biopsy. The doctor needs to be asked all essential questions prior to the starting of the procedure and afterwards. 

Whatever be it, the tests need to be administered by the top radiologist having ample experience. The professionals also know the ways and means to manage extreme pain and to ensure optimum accuracy. The top hospitals in the country offer low Bone Marrow Transplant Cost in India, thereby providing patients to enjoy better treatment quality and to lead happy, normal life.